Camp Cost, Schedule, & Policies

Sabattis Scout Reservation Summer Camp Fees:

$325 per youth, there are no more out-of-council rates.
$25 late fee after May 1st per youth (max unit penalty of $250)

James “Marmaduke” Seton Trek Center Fees:

$350 per youth with 1-5 youth attending
$330 per youth with 6 or more youth
$25 late fee after May 1st per youth (max unit penalty of $250)

All Trek participants, both youth and adult, must pass the blue tag swimming test to participate in Treks involving ANY aquatic activities.  Adult leaders must be 21 years of age and approved by council.  Youth participants must be 13 years of age before the start of the trek.


$25 Sibling Discount (2nd, 3rd, etc. siblings get discount)
$50 Discount for attending 2nd week of camp

Payment and Fee Schedule Timeline:

A $100 non-refundable unit deposit is due with a Sabattis Reservation form.

March 15:  A $100 non-refundable but transferable deposit per person, Scout and Adult, is due to the Council Office along with a tentative roster.  Transferable means to any new addition to your roster.

May 1:  All camping and trek fees are due to the Council Office.  A $25 per Scout late fee will be applied to each person not paying their fee in full by this date (max unit penalty of $250).

June 20:  All Webelos Cross-Overs and new Boy Scouts must be paid in full.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Each unit is responsible for all camp fees based on the headcount of their final roster, which must be submitted by May 1st. Until a unit’s attendance at camp during their reserved week, any boy or adult can be replaced on that troop’s final roster with another boy or adult, as appropriate, because each fee paid is transferrable but not refundable. Any reservation, youth or adult, paid or non-paid, that does not attend camp will be charged the non-refundable camp fee if they are not replaced on the roster. The reserved spot must be replaced by an additional attendee in the same category. Payments already remitted as deposits will not be applied to a balance due for other reservations already on the unit’s roster submitted on May 1st.

After May 1, 2013 a boy may cancel his reservation and receive a refund provided that at least one of the following conditions have been met:

  1. Summer school attendance – a letter from the school stating that the boy has to attend summer school must be submitted.
  2. Death in the family – a note from the parents is sufficient.
  3. Medical – a letter from the doctor stating that the Scout’s medical condition prohibits participation at camp

Any other reasons are considered and subject to the review of the Council Program Director.

The unit should notify the council camping department as soon as it is known that attendance for the unit will be lower than expected and a written request for a refund must be submitted to the Council office within one week after the unit’s departure from camp.

If your troop or crew decides to leave camp for any reason or you are asked to leave camp for any reason there will be no refund.

High adventure treks – Failure to pass the blue tag swimming test will forfeit your place on the trek and no refunds will be issued for the individual or the entire trek.