First Mystery House Prizes Announced!

Hidden at houses throughout the council are prizes for scouts who are selling popcorn! If you are the first scout to find a mystery house and sell them popcorn, you will win a fantastic prize! You could even win an XBox 1 console or GoPro camera!

Each week new clues will be given to help you find the mystery houses. This week’s clues are:

1. There is a prize hiding near a body of water whose name translated in Mohawk means ‘crossing’.

2.You might be able to see ‘The Dome’ from where this prize is hiding.

3. A prize is hiding near where the Battle of the Thousand Islands was fought in 1760.

4.There is a prize hiding close to a city that has an island in the middle of it.

5.Near a place whose original settlers called “Little Ireland”, there is a prize.

6. Close to a place Grover Cleveland called home, you will find a prize.

7. There are a few prizes hiding near the place Jerry Seinfeld started college.

8. There are a few more prizes hiding near where the most millionaires per capita lived in the beginning of the 20th century.

For more information on the mystery house prize program and a list of available prizes, please visit

Multi-Troop Merit Badge Pow Wow

On Saturday October 25 from 9am-5pm earn up to 4 merit badges at the Multi-Troop Merit Badge Pow Wow! Click here for more information. Registration is required – please email James Gage at or Scott Waterbury at to register.

Civil War Event at the Scout Shop

On October 11, Civil War historians will present a hands on program including Civil War history of our local troops from Oswego County and their involvement at the Battle of Gettysburg. Space is limited – please call Carol Frost to register for this Free event at 315-455-6540 or email at

Click here for more information.

$600 Club Drawing Winners

Our 9/12/2014 winners from the $600 club weekly drawings are:

Noah Kalin – Smithsonian Science Kit
Ronnie Reome – Estes Rocket Kit
Isaac Bishop – Ugly Stick Fishing Combo Kit

Congratulations Scouts! 

This Friday, September 19th will be our second $600 club drawing. Remember to submit your $600 Club entry form by Friday before noon! Here’s a great way to get out there and reach the $600 Club. Click here for the entry form.

Here is an easy way to get to the $600 club in just one week!



Popcorn Sale Mystery Houses!

We are really excited to announce a new part of our 2014 Popcorn Sale – Mystery Houses!

mhWe have hidden several prizes at houses through out the Longhouse Council
area, in all 7 districts that you can win just by knocking on their door and asking to sell that family popcorn! We will be sending out weekly emails with clues as to where the prizes are hidden. The prizes are at each house until they are sold to. The houses chosen have not been sold to yet – you and your Scouts can be first!  We will be announcing winners as they find the prizes. Check out all the prizes that you can win just by selling popcorn:


Halloween Spooktacular Returns to Camp Woodland

The Cub Scout Family Weekend Halloween Spooktacular at Camp Woodland returns with a variety of activities for Cub Scouts and their families.

Set for Oct. 18-19 at Camp Woodland, Constantia, the weekend includes archery, BB guns, fishing, campfires and fun for the whole family. Spend the night at Camp Woodland gazing at stars, singing songs, telling ghost stories and roasting s’mores.

For complete information and registration: Halloween Cub Family Weekend Flyer

Frozen Dome Classic

longhouse council

Philmont Presentations Now Available

Philmont National Scout Ranch is the largest youth camp in the world and is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Rocky Mountains of northeastern New Mexico.  The ranch encompasses 137,500 acres, or about 214 square miles. Philmont offers 34 staffed camps and 55 trail camps for your backpacking pleasure.

Want to know more?  To arrange a visit at Roundtables, Venturing Crew and Troop meetings contact Karen Heiss, Philmont Ambassador for the Longhouse Council, (315) 323-0185 or visit

2015 Longhouse Council Philmont Trek

2015 Council Philmont Trek Registration

Boy Scout Geology Merit Weekend Scheduled for October

GEOLOGY MERIT BADGE PROGRAM The Herkimer Diamond Mines will be conducting a Boy Scout Jamboree Oct. 24-26. Cost is $23 per Boy Scout for program and mining fee. Adult and sibling cost is $7.50 per person for mining only fee. Reservations are required – please visit or call 315.717.0175.

The Boy Scout Geology Merit Weekend is solely for Senior Level Boy Scouts who need their blue card signed in order receive their Geology Merit Badge.

For more information click here

Longhouse Council and Centscere

Longhouse Council has recently partnered with Centscere to make donating even easier! Centscere is a great way to link you social media accounts and donating to a charity/non-profit of your choice. Every time you post on Facebook or tweet you can donate any amount you would like (even as little as 5 cents!).

Now you can register on Centscere to donate to the Longhouse Council just through posting a status on Facebook or tweeting!

Check out the link below for more information: