Lowanne Nimat Lodge

Lodge Annual Pass and Dues:

Please stay in good standing with Lowanne Nimat Lodge by paying your lodge dues today! Just $15 keeps you informed and invited to all Lodge activities.

***Lowanne Nimat Lodge is introducing a new Annual Pass option, for the price of $85.00, allowing you to pay once now to cover your 2024 dues PLUS the general member registration fees for all annual lodge events in 2024 at a discount.  This package also includes a special patch.***

You can purchase the new 2024 Annual Pass or pay your dues for 2024 online now:  Just click HERE!


Access the OA member portal here to update your contact information, access your ID card, and find out about upcoming lodge events!

(plus LEC planning meeting):

Join us as we take some time to plan our next several events, enjoy lunch together, and then spend an enjoyable afternoon of FUN & FELLOWSHIP at Camp Woodland on Saturday February 17, 2024.

All our lodge members are WELCOME!

Registration is open at Longhouse.Tentaroo.com  
Please preregister so we’ll have adequate food and snacks.  

March Spring Brotherhood Trail:

The next opportunity to seal your membership in the Order will be offered at Camp Woodland March 16th, 2024.  Registration is open at Longhouse.Tentaroo.com.  Preregistration is required.

ALL members are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Brotherhood eligible members will receive details by email including preparation for participation.  Please reach out to the Vice Chief of Membership, Michael S. or Chief Richard B. with questions or concerns.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Lowanne Nimat Induction Weekend 2024:

The 2024 Induction weekend will be held Friday April 12th through Sunday April 14th at Camp Woodland. 

Please plan to arrive between 7-8pm, but no later than 9pm. Check-in opens at 6:30pm in the Stickley Training Center. 

Please plan on bringing the following items with you to your induction: 


  • Complete Scout Uniform (field uniform)
  • Personal tent
  • 2 ground cloths
  • Sleeping gear (sleeping bag/blanket and sleeping pad/cot)
  • Wear appropriate work clothes and proper shoes for the season. Bring "layers" in case it is cold and plenty of extra clothing in case it is wet. 
  • Small Wooden Arrow that you will carve yourself *see note below*
  • Health Form (Parts A&B). Annual Health form is able to be downloaded or found at the Council Office. 
  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • work gloves
  • Bug Repellent 
  • Sunblock 
  • Rain gear
  • Toilet Articles


*There are no specific guidelines for the arrow that you need to make. However, we ask that you have a rope attached to it so that you may wear it around your neck. It is recommended that you keep it small so it will not get in your way (~3-6inches). The arrow will identify you as an Ordeal induction candidate. *

Do not bring food with you, though you should plan to arrive Friday evening already have eaten.
You may want to bring some spending money since the Lodge Trading Post will be open during the weekend and will be selling a variety of Order of the Arrow items (patches, hats, shirts, etc.) that you may want to purchase. There may also be an auction of scout/camping gear Saturday night that is great fun!
Because of the way the induction is run, we ask that you wear your work clothes on Friday night and save your Scout uniform for use later in the weekend. 

Everyone wishing to attend the induction event must pre-register and pre-pay all fees. Registration is open!  To register, please go to longhouse.tentaroo.com and look for "Order of the Arrow Inductions Weekend"

Fees for Ordeal candidates cover the following:

  • $15.00 Food
  • $25.00 Arrow Sash
  • $10.00 Pocket Flap Patch
  • $4.00 OA Handbook
  • $1.00 Printing 
  • $30.00 2 Years Dues (2024 & 2025)

Total cost being $85.00






“Firm Bound In Brotherhood” – Lowanne Nimat Lodge History Released

The Lowanne Nimat Lodge History has been completed and filed with the National Order of the Arrow in Irving, Texas. It contains some interesting facts that you may not have known, for instance:

  • We are a product of seven other legacy Lodges;
  • OA Co-Founder Carroll Edson retired in Syracuse, became a member of Onondaga Lodge and even volunteered his time with local Scouts, some of whom are members of the Lodge today. He is just the second recipient of the Distinguished Service Award and is listed as from “Syracuse, NY” in the National OA History;
  • We once had a Lodge Flap so scandalous it was rejected by the Supreme Chief of the Fire but went into production anyways! Find out why in “Firm Bound In Brotherhood: The History of Lowanne Nimat Lodge.”

Lowanne Nimat Lodge HistoryDownload your own copy in PDF
Lowanne Nimat Lodge History


Lodge Bylaws:

Bylaws were approved by the general membership at the Spring 2015 Ordeal. You may download a copy here: Lowanne Nimat Bylaws