Event History


Chair - Brian Bisaccio
Honoree - Joanie Mahoney
Speaker - Archie Manning
Toastmaster - Doug Logan


Chair - Chancellor Kent Syverud
Honoree - Kathy & Dan Mezzalingua
Speaker - Donovan McNabb
Toastmaster - Doug Logan


Chair- Thomas Cooney

CoChair- William Brod
Honoree- Nathan Andrews
Speaker- COL Michael Fossum                                                              
Toastmaster-Doug Logan  


Chair- Mark Muthumbi
Honoree-Jim Brewer
Speaker-Phil Simms           
Toastmaster-Doug Logan  
North Star Award- Allen Naples



Chair- Kemper Matt Jr.
Honoree-Hadwen Fuller
Speaker-Former First Lady Laura Bush                                                                            

Distinguished Eagle Scout- Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud

North Star Award- Mike McGrew

Toastmaster-Doug Logan  


Chair- Doug Logan
Honoree-Arnold and Libby Rubenstein
Speaker-George Foreman                                                                                                 
Toastmaster-Doug Logan  


Chair-David Rogers
Honoree-District Attorney William Fitzpatrick
Speaker-Greg Gumbal
Toastmaster-Doug Logan


Chair-David Schneckenburger
Honoree-Robert Simpson
Speaker-Jared Ogden
Special Guest-Micheal Surbaugh
Toastmaster-Doug Logan


Chair – Michael Ferony
Honoree – Orrin MacMurray
Speaker – Micheal Durant
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – John Jay Jabbour
Honoree – Allen Naples
Speaker – Coach Herman Boone
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Hadwen Fuller, II
Honoree – Judge Norman Mordue
Speaker – Frank Abagnale
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Dr. Arthur Vercillo
Honoree – Kathryn Ruscitto
Speaker – Colonel Mike Mullane
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Allen Naples, M&T Bank
Honoree – The U.S. Military Men & Women
Speaker – General Barry McCaffrey
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Orrin MacMurray, C & S Engineers
Honoree – Jim & Juli Boeheim
Speaker – Bob Costas, NBC Sportscaster
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – David M.Aitken, Destiny USA
Honoree – Dr. David R. Smith, President, SUNY Upstate Medical University
Speaker – Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes Inc and Editor In Chief of Forbes Magazine
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Dr. Neil Murphy, SUNY ESF
Honoree – Robert Congel, Destiny
Speaker – Don Shula – Miami Dolphin Coach
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Stephen D. Fournier, District President, Key Bank

Honoree – Thomas G. Young, former Mayor of Syracuse
Speaker – Cal Ripken, Jr., Baseball legend and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Toastmaster – Doug Logan

Chair – Roger Burdick, CEO of Driver’s Village

Honoree – Nick Pirro, County Executive

Speaker – Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor

Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Dr. Ruben Cowart, Syracuse Community Health Center
Honoree – Mary Cotter, President of Time Warner Cable, Syracuse Division
Entertainer – Frankie Avalon
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – William Allyn, Welch Allyn
Honoree – Doug Logan
Speaker – Yogi Berra
Toastmaster – Jim Ridlon


Chair – William Davis, Niagara Mohawk Power
Honorees – Alfred & Aminy Audi, Stickley Furniture
Speaker – John Glenn
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – George Schunck, The Young Agency 1st dinner @ OnCenter

Honoree – Congressman Jim Walsh
Speaker – Walter Cronkite
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Hugh Lordon, Key Bank
Honoree – Dr. Ruben P. Cowart, Syracuse Community Health Center
Speaker – Al Roker, Today Show
Toastmaster – Wayne Mahar


Chair – Stephen A. Rogers, Editor & Publisher, Syracuse Newspapers
Honoree – Anthony “ Tex” Simone, COO Syracuse SkyChiefs
Speakers – James Carville & Mary Matalin
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Mary L. Cotter, President of Time Warner Cable in Syracuse
Honoree – William Allyn, President of Welch Allyn
Speaker – Larry King from CNN’s Larry King Live
Toastmaster – Doug Logan
1999 Dinner Held At The New York State Fairgrounds


Chair – Stephen Suhowatsky, President of Syracuse Supply Co.
Honoree – H. Douglas Barclay, Hiscock & Barclay Law Firm
Speaker – Ted Turner, Vice Chairman of Time Warner, Inc.
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Fred Yanni, Health Services Medical Corp. of CNY
Honoree – Clarence L. Jordan, Executive Director of Rescue Mission
Speaker – The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney – Canada’s 18th Prime Minister
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Robert J. Bennett, OnBank & Trust Co.
Honoree – Tibor A. Racz, V.P. Technical Operations for Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Speaker – Captain James Lovell, Navigator of Man’s Maiden Voyage To The Moon
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Mark G. Falcone, Partner in Charge of Operations and Retail Development for Pioneer Development Company
Honoree – Michael J. Falcone, Founder and Senior Partner of Pioneer Development Co.
Speaker – Mrs. Barbara Bush, 1st Lady
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – John Lord, President of Carrier Corp.
Honoree – John M. Endries, President of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
Speaker – Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Robert B. Johnson
Honoree – Martha “Margot” Northrup
Speaker – Terry Bradshaw, Former Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers & Co-Host of “NFL Today”

Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – John M. Endries, President of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
Honoree – Coach Dick MacPherson, Head Coach of the New England Patriots
Speaker – Dr. Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Former U.S. Representative to the United Nations
Toastmaster – Doug Logan


Chair – Daniel D. Petri, V.P. & General Manager of New York Telephone Co.
Honoree – Eric Mower, Chairman and CEO of Eric Mower & Associates
Speaker – William J. Bennett, Former Secretary of Education
Toastmaster – Lisa Sweitzer


Chair – William A. Hiller, CEO of Agway, Inc.
Honoree – Chester D. Amond, CEO of Syracuse China Corp.
Speaker – Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Former Speaker U.S. House of Representatives
Toastmaster – Dick MacPherson


Chair – Francis J. Petro, President of Crucible Specialty Metals
Honoree – George J. Schunck, President of The Young Agency
Speaker – Bryant Gumbel, Anchor on NBC News “Today” program
Toastmaster – Dick MacPherson


Chair – Michael Falcone, President of Pioneer Development Co.
Honoree – John Mulroy, County Executive (retired)
Speaker – Casper Weinberger, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense
Toastmaster – Dick MacPherson


Chair – Harry Goetzmann, CEO of CIS Corp.
Honoree – Robert B. Johnson, B.R. Johnson, Inc.
Speaker – Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State


Chair – William Stevens, President of Key Bank of CNY
Honoree – Robert F. Allen, CEO of Carrier Corp.
Speaker – Howard Cosell, Sports Commentator


Chair – Jules Pericola, President of Bristol Labs
Honoree – Henry A. Panaci, Jr., CEO of Fay’s Drugs
Speaker – George M. Steinbrenner III, Owner of the New York Yankees


Chair – Stephen Rogers, President of Syracuse Newspapers
Honoree – William A. Hiller, CEO of Agway, Inc.
Speaker – Hugh Downs, Host of ABC News “20/20”

Dinner Location from 1984 to 1998: Carrier Dome


Chair – Robert F. Allen, CEO of Carrier Corp.
Honoree – Chris J. Witting, President of Crouse Hinds Division
Speaker – Alexander Haig, Former U.S. Secretary of State
Dinner location: Sheraton in Liverpool


Chair – William J. Donlon, President of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
Honoree – Stephen Rogers, President of Syracuse Newspapers
Speaker – Irving R. Levine, NBC News Commentator


Chair – Robert J. Theis
Honoree – Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers
Speaker – Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. (Ret.)


Chair – Chris J. Witting
Honoree – Melvin Holm
Speaker – Leo Durocher – National Baseball League


Chair – Richard Torrey
Speakers Congresman Jack Kemp & Floyd Little (Football)


Chair – Richard B. Downing
Honoree – J. Stanley Coyne
Speaker – Earl Cambell, University of Texas, Heisman Trophy Recipient
Dinner location: the Hotel Syracuse


Chair – Norm Rothchild
Honoree – Parke Wicks
Speaker – Steve Grogan, New England Patriots Quarterback


Chair – Leonard Market
Honoree – Donald W. Darrone
Speaker – Arch Monson Jr, President of the BSA


Chair – Eugene J. Kennedy
Speaker – Thoms McAvoy, President of Corning Glass Works


Chair – Parke W. Wicks
Speaker – Edwin H. Gott, President of U.S. Steel


Chair – James H. Parr
Speaker – Frank Blair, Newscaster of “Today” Show


Chair – Dr. Marcin A. Rapp
Speaker – General William Westmoreland
1st Boypower Dinner in 1971


Chair – John G. MacAllister (Toastmaster)
Speaker – Williard Calvin, United Gas of Philadelphia


Chair – Robert E. Parker
Speaker – Donald S. MacNaughton


Speaker – Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey
1st Lunch-O-Ree in 1969 held at the Hotel Syracuse