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ANNUAL BASH – March 11, 2017

Don’t miss out on what has become the highlight of the year, the Lowanne Nimat Annual Bash! Fun, food, fellowship, OA trading post, patch sets, Vigil call-out, Lodge awards and more! Please join us for a fantastic evening. Sponsors will receive an exclusive Sponsor Lodge Flap. Register here: annual-bash-2017

BREAKING NEWS: LTC Rich Wagner (US Army, ret.) will be our guest speaker. LTC Wagner is a West Point graduate, Eagle Scout, an Arrowman and an expert on homeland security.


Brotherhood Trail – March 25

Those Brothers whom have served at least 10 months in the Lodge and are ready to seal their commitment to the OA and the Lodge may walk the Brotherhood Trail. Once the Brotherhood induction ceremony is complete an Arrowman is considered a full member of the Order of the Arrow. For a list of requirements and to register, please click here: brotherhood-trail-registration-2017.


Amangi Mawinsin – The Great Gathering / Spring Ordeal Induction

Our first full Ordeal weekend oordealf 2017 will be May 5-7. For those elected in 2017 this is the first of two Induction Weekends this year. One must be completed before you are a member of the OA. Candidates please refer to your welcome packet that was provided to you to register.

All existing members including those taking the Brotherhood Trail should use this registration form: amangi-mawinsin-registration-2017.

All members of the Lodge are encouraged to attend. There will be camp service, fellowship and of course The Great Feast. Come support Camp Woodland and welcome our new Brothers into the Order.

Vigil Honor Weekend June 10-11

Vigil Honor Weekend will be held June 10-11 and is restricted to Vigil Honor members only. Camp service, fellowship and excellent food will be had;  Candidates will be called-out at the Annual Bash in March and contacted by their Vigil Guide for logistics of this weekend. Our candidates will be holding their Vigil. Current Vigil Honor Members please register with this form: vigil-weekend-2017.

Lowanne Nimat Brothers – NE-3A Conclave Registration at Camp Babcock-Hovey June 2-4 is now open:



Registration for the 2017 Conclave is now open. Please join the Section Chief, our very own Zach Hill, and hundreds of Arrowmen from across the Section for an exciting weekend of fun, food, fellowship and training.

Information: http://www.ne3a.org/conclave/

Register Now: http://bit.ly/2kU8Hfp

Lowanne Nimat Lodge 2017 Dues are now due! 

It’s that time of year again. Please stay in good standing with Lowanne Nimat Lodge and pay your dues today! Just $15 keeps you informed and invited to all eligible Lodge activities.

Registration Form may be found here: oa-dues-form-2017

“Firm Bound In Brotherhood” – Lowanne Nimat Lodge History Released

The Lowanne Nimat Lodge History has been completed and filed with the National Order of the Arrow in Irving, Texas. It contains some interesting facts that you may not have known, for instance:


• We are a product of seven other legacy Lodges;

• OA Co-Founder Carroll Edson retired in Syracuse, became a member of Onondaga Lodge and even volunteered his time with local Scouts, some of whom are members of the Lodge today. He is just the second recipient of the Distinguished Service Award and is listed
as from “Syracuse, NY” in the National OA History;

• We once had a Lodge Flap so scandalous it was rejected by the Supreme Chief of the Fire but went into production anyways! Find out why in “Firm Bound In Brotherhood: The History of Lowanne Nimat Lodge.”

You may download your own copy in PDF here: lowanne-nimat-lodge-history-web

Formally printed and bound copies will be available soon.

Lodge Bylaws

Bylaws were approved by the general membership at the Spring 2015 Ordeal. You may download a copy here: Lowanne Nimat Bylaws

Lodge Events

For information on other upcoming lodge events, please visit the OA calendar.


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