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Amangi Mawinsin – The Great Gathering

Join Us For The Spring Ordeal Induction


All Arrowmen Are Invited  

Camp Woodland, May 1-3, 2015

The first Ordeal will be very special as we will welcome the first inductees in our Centennial year. The weekend will feature the candidate Ordeal, a Brotherhood Trail, camp service for all as we get ready to host Conclave and ArrowTour, and the Great Feast and Fellowship Saturday night. The Fellowship theme is AMERICA! – lets see how patriotic you can be!

Candidates for membership should refer to to the packet they received for registration. Current members including those taking the Brotherhood Trail should use the registration form linked below. All attendees must provide a BSA medical form parts A, B and C for this event.

Amangi Mawinsin Registration 2015

BSA Medical Forms Parts ABC

Lodge Bylaws to be Ratified:

Bylaws have been passed by the LEC and will be presented to the Lodge for ratification on May 3, 2015 at the Spring Induction at Camp Woodland. You may review the bylaws here: Lowanne Nimat Bylaws as approved for ratification


To pay your 2015 dues, please download this form and submit with payment to the council office.                    2015 Lowanne Nimat Lodge Dues

To update your membership records, download and complete the membership information sheet.


Annual unit election information

• Youth are elected as candidates for induction into the order during the annual election period of the lodge, January 1 through March 31, 2015.

• Adult nominations may be submitted for consideration of the lodge adult selection committee during the same period.

• Troop Order of the Arrow Representatives and/or Scoutmasters may schedule an election by contacting their District OA Youth Chair.

• Details can be found in the letter mailed to all Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Chairs in December 2014:

Lowanne Nimat Lodge unit election letter to troop leaders for 2015
Lowanne Nimat Unit Election Report for 2015
Lowanne Nimat Adult Candidate Recommendation for 2015

Lodge Events

For information on other upcoming lodge events, please visit the OA calendar.


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