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Join us at the Fall Induction and Service Weekend October 24th through 26th as we Rekindle the Fire of Brotherhood and Cheerful Service.  ALL arrowmen should plan to attend!  Registration Deadline is October 17th.  Preregistration is required and NO walk-ins will be accepted.

General membership and Brotherhood trail induction registration

OA Candidate Letter 2014


 Annual Awards and Recognition

Each year Lowanne Nimat Lodge recognizes Arrowmen both individually and collectively that have demonstrated in some way the high ideals that are embodied in the Obligation of The Order of the Arrow. Our brotherhood is driven by people with great character, imagination, and vision. The awards are intended to identify worthy individuals and groups in the lodge who have shown their commitment to brotherhood, cheerfulness and service.

Local Lodge Awards:

Most Spirited Arrowman
The Most Spirited Arrowman is reserved for a youth member who has enhanced his
role in the lodge by getting involved in its operation. He demonstrates an ability to inspire
others by his example and demonstrates that cheerfulness and a team effort can
accomplish difficult tasks. He displays energy and enthusiasm in what he does and
encourages others to join with him to reach a common goal. His manner and method are
an affirmation that the Order of the Arrow is truly a thing of the spirit.
Most Dedicated Arrowman
The Most Dedicated Arrowman is faithful in honoring his duty and obligation to the
lodge. He demonstrates a readiness to sacrifice himself and seeks opportunities to be
useful and helpful in its operation. He displays qualities of character by his reliable and
loyal service. His commitment is obvious. His example is clear. The spirit, attitude, interest,
and enthusiasm he possesses have shown him to be a significant contributor to the
operation of the lodge and serve to reveal his grasp of the true nature of the Order of the
Most Outstanding Arrowman
The Most Outstanding Arrowman demonstrates personal qualities of leadership and
service that inspire confidence and respect. He is a motivator who looks for new
perspectives and challenges. He can be relied upon to successfully complete his duties
and assignments. He encourages others to continue to grow in skill, knowledge, and
attitude. He is a self-starter who takes charge in the absence of detailed instructions and
gets the job done. He sets the standard for leadership and service in the lodge that others
can follow.
Most Outstanding Committee
The Most Outstanding Committee is the one that stands out as having done its job
exceptionally well in the past year. It may have won an award, performed an exceptional
service, or done something otherwise noteworthy that should be recognized by the lodge.

National Awards:

Founder’s Award (requires nomination form submission)
The Founder’s Award is a national distinction created to honor and recognize those
Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for those members who memorialize in their everyday lives the spirit of achievement as described by the founder of the Order of the Arrow, E. Urner Goodman. Founder’s Award honorees receive a 2.5” bronze medallion mounted on a wooden pedestal bearing the likenesses of E. Urner Goodman and co-founder Carroll A. Edson. Recipients also receive the Founder’s Award arrow, which is a gold arrow suspended from a solid red ribbon worn on the right uniform pocket.

Vigil Honor (requires nomination form submission)
The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its
members for service to the lodge, to the Order of the Arrow, to scouting, or to the local
scout camp. It dates from the year 1915, when founder E. Urner Goodman became the
first Vigil Honor member. Membership cannot be earned by a person’s conscious
endeavor. It comes as a recognition of unselfish leadership in service. This fact is given
careful consideration in the selection of candidates for membership. Length of time spent in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow by a member is not considered enough reason for a Vigil Honor recommendation. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position or office.


Vigil Nomination Form 2014        Founder’s Award Nomination Form 2014

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Join our Lodge contingent to NOAC 2015!

History will be made…will you be part of it?

10,000 Arrowmen are expected for six days of top-notch training, unique and fun recreational opportunities, evening shows, exciting programs and exclusive Centennial OA collectables.

NOAC 2015 Lowanne Nimat Registration


To pay your 2014 dues, please download this form and submit with payment to the council office.                    2014 Lowanne Nimat Lodge dues form

To update your membership records, download and complete the membership information sheet.


Lodge Events

For information on upcoming lodge events, please visit the OA calendar.


Annual Unit Elections – now complete

To become a member of the Order of the Arrow, a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout is chosen by vote of the youth in his unit. This is a unique feature of the Order since the majority of those who select their candidates for this honor are not members of the lodge. However, lodge members in the unit have a vote as well as nonmembers. In this way membership is controlled by the youths in their own units and not by those who are already Arrowmen.

Lowanne Nimat conducts unit elections during the first quarter of each year.  Please speak to your Order of the Arrow Troop Representative or Scoutmaster and have them contact the Lowanne Nimat Membership chair for your district to schedule an election for 2014 during this period.

Unit election information letter to troop leaders 2014

Unit Election Report – 2014

Adult Candidate Nomination – 2014

OA Candidate Letter 2014


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