Recruitment Headquarters

The Longhouse Council is committed to providing the youth in our communities the opportunity to join the best youth development organization there is.

The Council Service Center offers a wide variety of helpful materials, distribution flyers, and posters, recruitment advise, training, and handouts to aid in the recruitment process. Each District also has trained and skilled professionals who are always willing to help with ideas and suggestions for building and retaining membership, you may contact your communities professional at the Council Service Center.

National BSA has done a great job to organize all the recruitment materials they produce into one location. Click Here for a link to their site, with all the national promotional media.

2018 Membership Growth Plan

Cub Scout Parent Guide 

5 Character Traits You Can Learn In Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Flyer Order Form

Boy Scout Flyer Order Form

Printing YPT Certificates

Update Your BeAScout Pin Step By Step

Cub Scout Buddy Cards (peer to peer cards) template

Fliers, Posters, and Social Media Images

Web Based Resources for Recruiting