In the New Year, Longhouse Council will be moving to 100% online advancement submission.

If your unit is not currently using online internet advancement reporting, please send an email to and the necessary information will be provided to your Unit Committee Chair to get it set up.

If your unit is using online internet advancement reporting, but the "advancement processor" listed in the system and on your reports is not the current Unit Advancement chair registered on your unit committee, please email to reset the account so that your processor information can be updated.

If your unit is using Scoutbook, it is necessary for your Scoutbook Unit Administrator to complete the Advancement Record Sync by the end of this year following the instructions in their emailed invitation.  Once activated, this will replace the use of online internet advancement for your unit.  Advancements will automatically be recorded in the council BSA database records when the unit approves their advancements.

If your unit uses a third party software such as Troopmaster, Packmaster, Scout-soft, etc. to track advancements, the data must still be updated in the internet advancement system.  This can be accomplished with most products by exporting a CSV file of the data and then uploading this through the internet advancement portal.  Check product features for details.

To use Internet Advancement:

  1. Unit advancement processor must have Internet connectivity and have Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Obtain a unit ID code from the council.
  3. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  4. Click Internet Advancement below on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements and print two advancement reports.
  5. Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit to the Scout Shop. Save a copy for your files.

Internet Advancement Advancement Help FAQs

Longhouse Council Advancement Directory

Merit Badge Councilor Information 

Eagle Scout Information

Council Advancement Committee “News You Can Use”

The Longhouse Council Advancement Committee will issue memoranda from time to time that it deems may be informative to unit personnel.

Included in this section are the following NYCU memos that have been issued to date:

Key Forms that may be found on

Longhouse Council Life­‐to-Eagle Training Seminar Schedule