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Watertown (and further north) 

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Popcorn Training Materials

Leaders Guide

Order Form, Family Guide, & Prize Sheet

Additional Resources


Sellers Club Entries ($650+)

Get and fill out the entry form:

  1. Make a copy of the google sheet or download the excel file for your unit.
  2. Enter the total (for popcorn and nuts) for each scout that sold $650 or more in columns associated with the submission date. The form will calculate everything else for you.


Submit your form:

  1. Fill out the entry form
  2. Open the Submission form:
    (This will require a google account! Have someone with a google account sign in or create one, they are free!)
  3. Fill out the form with the required information and attach the google sheet or upload the excel file to submit your entries. Alternate method: email form to longhousekernel@gmail.com
  4. Please note that no forms will be accepted via text message or Facebook messenger.


Longhouse Council Popcorn Swap

  To assist units with managing inventory, a Facebook group has been created - .  Please join the group.  The intent of the group is to help units that have too much popcorn or too little popcorn solve the problem.  If you have too much or too little post your situation to the group, along with where you are (geographically) and where you are willing to travel.  If someone is able to help, you can make arrangements.



Reach out to longhousepopcorn@scouting.org.