Units by District

The three districts are separated by where your Charter Organization is in a School District.   **Depending on grade and age, determines if you are in Cub Scout Pack or Scouts BSA Troop.  We also have some Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships, and Explorer Posts.

Towpath: Click for units in Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oswego Counties

Family Pack Pack 0043 Auburn
Family Pack Pack 0050 Cato
Family Pack Pack 0054 Cayuga
Family Pack Pack 0055 Moravia
Family Pack Pack 0071 Baldwinsville
Family Pack Pack 0102 Jordan
Family Pack Pack 0120 Syracuse
Family Pack Pack 0161 Skaneateles
Family Pack Pack 0166 Marcellus
Family Pack Pack 0173 Camillus
Family Pack Pack 0234 Baldwinsville
Family Pack Pack 0289 Liverpool
Family Pack Pack 0715 Fulton
Boy Pack Pack 0885 Oswego
Girl Troop Troop 0001 Elbridge
Boy Troop Troop 0011 Auburn
Boy Troop Troop 0021 Auburn
Boy Troop Troop 0043 Auburn
Boy Troop Troop 0052 Elbridge
Boy Troop Troop 0057 Jordan
Boy Troop Troop 0058 Auburn
Boy Troop Troop 0060 Warners
Boy Troop Troop 0061 Skaneateles
Girl Troop Troop 0061 Skaneateles
Boy Troop Troop 0066 Marcellus
Boy Troop Troop 0068 Syracuse
Boy Troop Troop 0071 Baldwinsville
Boy Troop Troop 0080 Baldwinsville
Girl Troop Troop 0080 Baldwinsville
Boy Troop Troop 0107 Baldwinsville
Boy Troop Troop 0114 Baldwinsville
Boy Troop Troop 0220 Syracuse
Boy Troop Troop 0780 Hannibal
Boy Troop Troop 0888 Oswego
Venturing Crew 0060 Syracuse
Venturing Ship 23 New April 2023
Exploring Post 0034 Oswego

Crossroads: Click for units in Onondaga and Oswego Counties

Family Pack Pack 0022 Dewitt
Family Pack Pack 0062 Tully
Family Pack Pack 0100 LaFayette
Family Pack Pack 0115 Pompey
Family Pack Pack 0117 Cicero
Family Pack Pack 0152 Fayetteville
Family Pack Pack 0157 North Syracuse
Family Pack Pack 0208 Liverpool
Family Pack Pack 0210 Kirkville
Family Pack Pack 0218 North Syracuse
Family Pack Pack 0369 Manlius
Family Pack Pack 0620 Liverpool
Family Pack Pack 0711 Central Square
Family Pack Pack 0825 Mexico
Boy Troop Troop 0001 Syracuse
Boy Troop Troop 0022 DeWitt
Boy Troop Troop 0051 Fayetteville
Boy Troop Troop 0062 Tully
Boy Troop Troop 0100 LaFayette
Girl Troop Troop 0100 LaFayette
Boy Troop Troop 0115 Pompey
Boy Troop Troop 0117 Cicero
Girl Troop Troop 0150 North Syracuse
Boy Troop Troop 0152 Fayetteville
Boy Troop Troop 0157 North Syracuse
Boy Troop Troop 0203 Liverpool
Boy Troop Troop 0210 Kirkville
Girl Troop Troop 0210 Kirkville
Boy Troop Troop 0333 Cicero
Boy Troop Troop 0369 Manlius
Boy Troop Troop 0734 Central Square
Boy Troop Troop 0825 Mexico
Boy Troop Troop 3112 Brewerton

Seaway Trails: Click for units in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Oswego, & Lewis Counties

Boy Pack Pack 0009 Heuvelton
Family Pack Pack 0023 Watertown
Family Pack Pack 0026 Fort Drum
Family Pack Pack 0031 Massena
Family Pack Pack 0033 Black River
Family Pack Pack 0055 Dexter
Family Pack Pack 0065 Alexandria Bay
Family Pack Pack 0496 Watertown
Family Pack Pack 0586 Rodman
Family Pack Pack 0829 Pulaski
Family Pack Pack 0830 Sandy Creek
Family Pack Pack 1605 Lowville
Boy Troop Troop 0002 Brownville
Boy Troop Troop 0009 Heuvelton
Boy Troop Troop 0026 Fort Drum
Boy Troop Troop 0027 Canton
Boy Troop Troop 0037 Adams
Boy Troop Troop 0041 Massena
Boy Troop Troop 0054 Carthage
Girl Troop Troop 0054 Carthage
Boy Troop Troop 0055 Dexter
Boy Troop Troop 0065 Alexandria Bay
Girl Troop Troop 0065 Alexandria Bay
Boy Troop Troop 0144 De Kalb Junction
Girl Troop Troop 0144 De Kalb Junction
Boy Troop Troop 0162 Lowville
Boy Troop Troop 0496 Watertown
Boy Troop Troop 0586 Adams
Boy Troop Troop 0830 Sandy Creek
Girl Troop Troop 1099 Massena
Venturing Ship 0001 Watertown
Explorer Post 0046 Waddington  


Family Pack= boys and girls in the pack. Town name is based on meeting address.

You can find any units near you by also going to BeAScout.org.  Those unit pins are linked above at each unit.

Is your unit's BeAScout Pin up to date and accurate? Here are directions on how to set it up (and update it)!


Did you know: You can attend any activities- even if they are NOT in your District. 

Fun Activities that have been done in the past:

Some are Cub Scout Pack exclusive, and some are Scouts BSA Troop, Venture Crew, or Sea Scout Ship exclusive.


Popcorn Sales are a great way to fund all your Units Activities through the year. 


A great way to find out what's going on in council is to read the PATHWAYS Newsletter, either on this webpage or via email.  Also check out the council calendar.  You can also attend monthly Roundtable Meetings for your District: Towpath, Crossroads, and Seaway Trails


Each District has a facebook page.  Feel free to like them all: 

You can also find the council facebook page here too:


An excellent facebook page for Popcorn information:



**If you would like a printed version of this, let Cindy know at Cindy.Barrus2@scouting.org