Camp Woodland

Camp Woodland

Camp Woodland is located near the north shore of Oneida Lake in Constantia, N.Y. Woodland is available year-round, with cabins for the cold winter months. During the summer Camp Woodland is the home of the Longhouse Council’s Lowanne Nimat Lodge, Cub Scout Resident Camps, and National Youth Leader Training.

Site Reservation Information

Woodland Unit Information Packet for weekend camping:

To check availability or reserve a cabin and other facilities please contact the Longhouse Council Office at (315) 463-0201.

Online Reservation Portal

Site Information and weekend rates for Camp Woodland (Rates effective as of 1/1/23)

Facility Capacity Fee Scout Groups Fee Non-Scout Groups
Kings Cabin** 32 coed $275.00 $350.00
Ullman Cabin 32 $275.00 $350.00
Kiwanis Cabin 16 $200.00 $250.00
Mohawk Cabin 12 $150.00 $175.00
Oneida Cabin 12 $150.00 $175.00
Venture Cabin** 20 coed $300.00 $395.00

**Coed Groups must have coed leadership and a co-ed cabin. This includes Cub Packs (Venture Cabin is heated by a propane furnace.).

*** Units are encouraged to bring more than two leaders, extra leadership is important in case of emergencies.

All above cabins have electricity, furnished with bunks, mattresses, wood stove and supplied with wood for your stay. Latrines are located near each cabin. No cooking equipment will be furnished and must be supplied by your group. Please bring your own water. Water is available for refills (See Camp Ranger for water point access).

White Family Camp RV Slips are available for weekend rental between May 15 – October 15 at $50.00/night. Each site (4) has a fire ring, water, and electric hook up. No sewage dumping available. Enter through the lower gate. See Camp Ranger for details.

All Lean-to sites (Camp Lee, Algonquin, Bruce Cassidy Memorial, Mohawk) and Cub Pavilion weekend rental is $145.00 per Unit per lean-to (includes tent camping in proximity to your lean-to).

Tenting sites weekend rental is $95.00 per Unit per site.

Cut wood is available for a fee of $50.00 for tent and lean-to sites during the weeks of September 1st thru May 30th. We encourage you to collect and burn downed wood around your campsite at no charge which helps keep sites neat and tidy.

Snowshoes are available for on-site use first come, first served, at the rental rate of $1.00/pair for 4 hours. See Ranger or Campmaster on duty for availability and payment. Sledding is permissible in designated areas. Those locations will be verified by the Camp Ranger at check in. Longhouse Council requires all persons sledding on Camp Woodland property must wear protective helmets. Scouts may provide their own or a limited number of helmets are available through the Camp Ranger.

Stickley Training Center is $150.00 per day. Non-Scout groups $175.00 per day. Woodstove and wood are furnished.

Owens Hall is $175.00 per day. Non-Scout groups $195.00 per day. Fireplace and wood provided.

Owens Hall Kitchen is $350.00 per day, includes the use of stoves, griddles, refrigerator. Non-Scout groups $450.00 per day. All paper products must be supplied by the group. A $350.00 cleaning/damage deposit is required.

Kitchen, Owens Hall, and Shower House closed November 15th – April 15th, dependent upon weather temperature.

Waterfront may be reserved for Unit use between May 15 – October 15. The fee will be $275.00 per day. The leader in charge must be a BSA Aquatics Instructor and all BSA lifeguard ratios required for BSA Aquatics Program must be met. Current certifications must be submitted with reservation form.

All above cabins have electricity and are furnished with bunks, mattresses, woodstove and supplied with wood for your stay. Latrines are located near each cabin. No cooking equipment will be furnished and must be supplied by your group. Please bring your own water. Water is available for refills.


Range Use is available for reservation in 2-hour blocks of range. Range fees include firearms, safety equipment, ammunition, and other range equipment. Reservations must be made two weeks before your event, and approved by LHC personal. 

Base Range Fee per 2 hours $30.00
BB Shooter (50 BB’s per shooter) $4.00
Archery Shooter $4.00
Slingshot Shooter (50 paint balls per shooter) $5.00
Pellet Rifle Shooter (50 pellets per shooter) $5.00
22 Rifle Shooter (50 rounds per shooter) $10.00
Shotgun Shooter (20 rounds per shooter)  $10.00
Pellet Pistol Shooter (50 pellets per shooter) $5.00

The following Personal Firearms and ammunition policies have been established by the Longhouse Council Camping and Outdoor Program Committee for the health, safety, and protection of all Scouts and Leaders using our camps.
All personal firearms, bows, arrows, or slingshots are to be left at home. Camps will provide shotguns, rifles (bb, pellet, 22), pellet pistols, bows, slingshots, tomahawks, throwing knives and ammunition for all shooting sports.
Under no circumstances should ammunition for the ranges be brought to camp. This policy insures both the security and the integrity of the ammunition used on our ranges.

If any of these items are brought into camp the Camp Director, Camp Ranger or designee will confiscate them and will return them upon departure from camp.

Credentialed Range Staff Information is outlined on the Range Request Form.

BSA requires BOTH a Certified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer(s) anytime firearms range is in operation – RSO may not instruct during shooting. Prior to the start of any shooting event, a Range Safety Briefing must be conducted for those individuals using the range. The actual contents of the briefing may vary depending upon the audience, and the specific nature of the event. Please reference the BSA Shooting Sports Manual to ensure the proper materials are covered based upon the program being run. It would be preferred if this briefing could take place at the actual range, but if that is not practical the briefing can be delivered at a separate location.

Ranges are operated in accordance with BSA National Shooting Sports Manual and Camp Woodland Shooting Sports Range Operating Procedure. The BSA National Shooting Sports Manual can be found at:

Cub Scout Summer Camps at Camp Woodland

For more information on Cub Scout Resident Camps at Camp Woodland this upcoming season, please visit our cub scout camping page.

Getting to Camp Woodland

Use the Google Map below to get directions to Camp Woodland. Camp Woodland is located just north of the village of Constantia, a small community on the north shore of Oneida Lake.


William Hillcourt Scout Museum & Carson Buck Memorial Library

Camp Woodland is home to one of the finest regional Scout museums in the country. Museum namesake "Green Bar Bill" was one of the founding fathers of the Boy Scouts of America and lived his final years in our Council, residing with another legendary Scouter, Carson Buck. There are extensive collections for these pioneers of Scouting as well as regional displays, an extensive OA exhibit, uniforms, books, patches and so much more. 

Open Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. or by appointment. Please visit the museum's website here:


Camp Masters: 

Camp Woodland Camp Masters are trained volunteers that are in-residence on the weekends and during special events to staff the camp, the trading post and to assist units to ensure they have a great time. Please download the documents below and read more about this wonderful part of adult scouting and servant leadership.