BSA has launched their new on-line training site, the BSA LearnCenter.
The updated cub scout leader training can be accessed through this new site.
Take your training in 4 to 12 minute modules, so that you can more easily manage the time you devote to becoming the trained leader you want to be.
All the other on-line training has also been migrated to this site and the e-learning link has been removed.

Get started NOW!
Please refer questions directly to me at and I will be glad to assist you as you begin this process.  I have already completed a number of trainings on the new site and am extremely excited about the quality training content and convenience for BSA volunteers.



Creating An Account for BSA LearnCenter

Go to to create a My.Scouting account. Your My.Scouting account user information will also serve as your login for the BSA LearnCenter. If you already have an account for My.scouting, you may skip this step.
  1. Click
  2. Select Create Account
  3. Follow the steps to create an account

Log into the BSA LearnCenter

Log into the BSA LearnCenter using your same username and password as you did with

Starting Your Training

  1. Select the MyLearning tab.
  2. Select the Learning Plan that you want to work on.
  3. Select the Course Name to start the course.

Adding Content to your My Learning plan

  1. Select Course Catalog from the navigation bar and select the Learning Plans tab.
  2. Browse the available content.
  3. Hover over a learning plan and when you see   select it to self enroll for any content that you want to add to your Learning Plan


Find the content that you need when you need it. Search the available course content by keyword:
  1. In the BSA LearnCenter click on Course Catalog.
  2. Type the keyword for the content you need into the search text box.
  3. Select the search button.

 Tips and Tricks

  • If you are having trouble viewing content, see the Tools & Resources page.
  • Add the BSA LearnCenter to your Internet Favorites so that you can access it easily in the future.
    1. With your browser open to the BSA LearnCenter window, type CTRL + D.
    2. Type BSA LearnCenter.
    3. In the Add a Favorite window, click Add.


Attending Leader training will give you the tools to become a great leader and will make your job easier. Every Scout deserves a trained leader and the following links will assist you in becoming that trained leader. If you have questions about what training is required and the availability of training please don’t hesitate to contact:

Tri-River and Longhouse Training Chairman


Ted Webb
Tri-River Training Assistant
Phone: 773-0922


Ellen M. Tyler
Longhouse Council Vice President of District Operations
(to include training and Advancement)
cell: (315) 955-3578

BSA National Shooting Sports Manual


Lists of Optional and supplemental training:
National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is an exciting new program where young men enhance their leadership skills in the Philmont Backcountry. Scouts will expand upon team building and ethical decisions making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).

Youth Protection Training

The Boy Scouts of America has developed Youth Protection training to prepare its leaders to help children who have been, or are being abused. Materials are for use in pack and den meetings to show Boy Scouts and their parents what they should do to prevent abuse from happening to them.

New Troop Leadership Training

Troop Leadership Training, No. 34306A, has been rolled out to replace the Scoutmaster Junior Leader Training Kit.

Philmont Training Center

The Philmont Training Center (PTC) provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders.

Supplemental Training Modules

Supplemental training modules are designed to provide leaders in Boy Scouting with orientation beyond the basic training offered in New Leader Essentials and leader-specific training.

Boy Scout Leader Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to help Boy Scout Leaders assess their strengths and weaknesses in regard to the current Boy Scout leader training courses. Your results will be used to help the national Boy Scout organization and your local council to improve their training courses and help identify the training needs of the general membership.

Passport to High Adventure Training Outline

This training outline teaches how Scouts can plan and safely carry out council and unit high-adventure treks using Leave No Trace techniques.


Mentoring is an opportunity to help a person grow through discovery. This session will address various mentoring models and ways to be a mentor to Scouts and Scouters.

Bullying: Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders and Parents

The values of Scouting make it clear that bullying cannot be tolerated. Scouting leaders have a unique opportunity to teach respect and acceptance of others.

Longhouse Council Training

For additional info go to this page for links to other resources