Sea Scouts

Sea Scouting is BSA program for young men and women aged 13 (who have finished the 8th grade)-age 20.

Initially developed in England in 1910 by Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, to serve as an extension of Boy Scouting. The program was later developed in America in 1912. Sea Scouts was stuctured with the same goals as the Boy Scout program, character development, patriotism, and intelligent discipline through a sense of duty.  Sea Scouting offered vocational opportunities as well. That philosophy is still relevant today.

Sea Scouts belong to a Ship. Just as in Boy Scouting there is a sponsoring organization, for example a Yacht Club, Church, or VFW. Sea Scouting will appeal to those that are intersted in learning nautical skills such as motor boating, sailing, canoeing, or kayaking.

Sea Scouting is supervised by active trained adult leadership, however the Ship is youth lead, meaning that the youth members elect their own youth leadership, delegating responsibilities to other youth or adults to develop their own program. Youth are taught by more experienced members of the Ship as well as adults in order to learn the skills to advance in rank as well as build a fun and rewarding program. Ship members can expect to learn valuable leadership, communication, organizational, and practical skills that can help them become successful adults.

It’s not uncommon for a Boy Scout, Venture Crew member, or even a Girl Scout to belong to a Ship. As in any BSA program, Ship members have several opportunities to earn other BSA awards as well.

We are fortunate to live in an area that offers several different opportunities to enjoy water activities. Whether it’s kayaking a nearby river or sailing on one of our many lakes, consider Sea Scouting to provide the skills and resources necessary to enjoy our local waterways.

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