Venturing began in 1998 as a BSA program for young men and women aged 13 (who have finished the 8th grade) to age 20.

Venturing EmblemVenturers belong to a Crew. As in Boy Scouting, there is a sponsoring organization, for example, a local Rotary Club, VFW, or a Church. Venturing will appeal to those that are interested in learning more about a broad range of interests in a collaboratively supported environment. Since each Venturing Crew designs the program to meet their own particular interests it may help to visit programs in your area to find the right fit.

Venturing is supervised by trained adult leadership, however, the Crew is youth lead, meaning that youth members elect their own youth leadership, delegating responsibilities to other youth or adults in order to develop their own program.Youth are taught by more experienced members of the Crew as well as adults in order to learn the skills to advance as well as build a fun and rewarding program. Crew members can expect to learn valuable leadership, communication, organization, ethics, and practical skills that can help them become well rounded successful adults.

It’s not uncommon for a Boy Scout, Sea Scout, or a Girl Scout to belong to a Crew. As in any BSA program, Venturing Crew members have several opportunities to earn other BSA awards as well.

As a Venturer the BSA program has available the resources for youth to safely explore fun and meaningful activities both locally and beyond. Common Venturing activities can include, camping, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, or skiing. Venturers will have opportunities to explore area waterways, historic canals, or even the ocean by canoe, kayak, sailboat or motor boat. BSA camps across the nation, several just outside of major metropolitan areas, allow safe, low-cost accommodations for multi-day excursions to enjoy history, art, theater and more.

Venturing Crew Youth are limited only by their imagination...

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