Lion Cubs


The Longhouse Council has established a new Lion Cub Program for Kindergarten age boys – a pilot council for the national Boy Scouts of America.

Lion Cubs is an exciting program from Learning for Life, a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America for kindergarten boys (or those 5 years old) and adult family members.

Lion ScoutYou and your Lion Cub will have many wonderful opportunities to discover new things and activities while sharing them with each other.

The activities in this book are designed so that you and your Lion Cub can take part in them together. Other family members, as well, can participate in many of the activities.

An important goal of the program is to offer your Lion Cub all kinds of new and fun things that he can do with you. But another goal is to strengthen the bond of the entire family.

During the time your boy is a Lion Cub, we want to impart some of the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America to him – ideals such as personal fitness, love of country, and caring for others.

We also want to help you build a closer relationship with Lion Cub. We want to offer you opportunities to share your ideas, values, and dreams with your Lion Cub. In addition, we believe that self-esteem and self-confidence are especially important, and building those things in your Lion Cub is another goal.

Lion Cub prides are part of a Cub Scout pack, and members of the pack hope your Lion Cub will become a Tiger Cub after his time in Lion Cubs.

Amid all these goals for your Lion Cub there is one other goal we want to stress. And that goal is fun – fun for your Lion Cub, fun for you, and fun the two of you can enjoy together.

The Lion Cubs program is designed with a minimum of organization. There are seven themes, built around each theme are family activities that you and your Lion Cub can do, and activities for the Lion Cub pride as a whole.

Lion Cub EmblemThe Boy Scouts of America wants you and your Lion Cub to…

  1. Have fun together
  2. Know one another
  3. Grow together
  4. Get along together
  5. Discover together

Handbooks and Guidebooks 

The Lion guides and handbooks are now available at the Syracuse Scout Shop. Please ask a shop employee for the books.

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