Popcorn Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you need answered? Email us at LonghousePopcorn@scouting.org and it will make its way here! Thanks again for all of your help and support during this year's popcorn sale!


Where do I register for the sale?

Register by visiting this link to commit your unit to the sale. In addition, be sure to read over the 2020 sale Leaders' Guide on the Longhouse Council Popcorn Page and return the Sale Agreement Form as soon as possible so your unit is able to pick up their popcorn order.
A reminder that unit kernels must be committed and trained by August 31 to receive a bonus of 2% commission for their sale!

We missed the Popcorn Extravaganza. Will there be extra opportunities to receive training and earn the 2% bonus commission?


A recording of the Popcorn Extravaganza held June 27 will be posted to the Longhouse Council Popcorn Webpage. In addition, we are working to host three additional "local" popcorn seminars to increase the availability of training for new and experienced unit popcorn kernels. Register here for the upcoming seminars on:
July 30: Camillus Elks Lodge
August 1: Dexter Scout Hut
August 3: Camp Woodland

Do I need a credit card reader to accept credit cards in the app?

No - Scouts may type credit card information directly into the app, or use the app to send a text message to the customer for them to complete their order (with the customer inputting their own payment information).

What should I do if the customer wishes to pay with a credit card after ringing the sale up as cash?

The easiest solution would be to void and refund the "cash sale" and re-enter the information and select "credit" as payment.

Since the council return policy has been revised to only accepting full, unopened cases, can units swap open cases or indiviudal bags between themselves?

Swaps handled on the Longhouse Council Popcorn Swap Facebook Group or completed between units will be determined by the individual units. Please review the Longhouse Council Leaders' Guide for more information on the changes to this year's return policy and for more information on the Facebook Group.

If a unit collects more in credit card sales than their total bill, how will a refund of any overpayment work?

Based on the requirement introduced this year that balances due must be paid in full before placing each subsequent order, this may not be a large issue. Since accurate payoff amounts will be available as soon as practical, we will handle any overpayments and/or refunds due on an as-needed basis. Contact LonghousePopcorn@scouting.org for more information should your unit fall into this category.

Can customers make generic donations online or through the Scout's selling app?

All donations are grouped together this year under American Heroes. Trails-End will work with organizations to make the necessary donations. No additional action is needed on the part of the customer, Scout, or unit.

Can you explain a bit more of the points system for Scouts earning gift card prizes?

The Trails-End Rewards program offers Scouts the opportunity to pick their own prizes and make their own realistic goals. Based on how a Scout makes a sale in the app, they earn varying amounts of points toward their gift card levels. A regular cash sale earns a Scout one point for every dollar spent by the customer. If the customer uses a credit card in a face-to-face sale, the Scout earns 1.5 points per dollar. If the Scout makes the sale using Online Direct (shipped directly to customer), the Scout will earn 2 points per dollar. Please note: While the gift card program is based on points, the Longhouse Council prize programs (Sellers' Club) are based on the actual dollars raised by the Scout, not by points earned.

How do point multipliers (1.5 and 2.0 for non-cash sales) get applied during a storefront shift using the app?

The app will calculate percentages and apply them automatically. Leaders are also able to override the recommended breakdown suggested by the app.

I noticed that Scouts that become members of the Sellers' Club will receive a discount on their 2021 camping reservation.

Yes - Scouts that reach the Sellers' Club level with actual dollars sold will receive their exclusive piece patch and a discount off of one 2021 summer camp reservation in the Longhouse Council. This applies to both Cub Scout and Scouts BSA camping programs, but only those offered by the Longhouse Council.