Training Committee

Chairman: Jim Nelson

Updated 2/05/2010

The Onondaga District Training Committee presents quality
leadership and Scouter training courses. The training of adults to successfully
deliver the Boy Scout program has evolved into a well-presented, thorough,
curriculum of courses. The District Training Committee offers courses
to teach leaders about Scouting, how to manage their pack, troop or crew,
learn who does what, and skills courses.

For on-line info and training opportunities
click on the links below.

The Training Continuum – descriptions of the different training

On-line training courses:

Our Mission is to Deliver Trained Adults to Every Unit – Today more
than ever.

Longhouse Council has been selected to participate in a
pilot program for Mandatory Training beginning 1/1/2010. This yearall
the “Top Leaders”; Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches, Cubmasters,
Crew Advisors, and Sea Scout Skippers need to have their basic training
done by the end of the year. If you have taken your training, including
the old Scoutmaster’s Fundamentals, let the Training Committee know or
an approximate date so we can look it up.

By the end of 2011 the other “Direct Contact”
leaders need to be trained. Those would be the Assistants to all the Top
Leaders and all Den Leaders. By this time the rest of the country will
be involved in the Mandatory Training.

Each unit is responsible for gathering this information
to forward to the Training Committee. For those of you who have been volunteering
FOREVER and have no papers to prove it the training committee can Mentor
or Coach the individuals to document completion. Much of the training
is online except for the “Position Specifics”. All your help
is appreciated and the District is committed to helping in any way we

Trained leaders provide a quality, fun-filled program
for boys. When leaders understand the why’s and how’s of Scouting, they
are more effective in their roles. Trained leaders know how to use the
available resources to provide an exciting and worthwhile program for
the boys. Trained leaders also have confidence in carrying out their roles
and responsibilities.

With a trained leader the program delivered to the Scout
is consistent and awesome and that keeps Scouts in Scouting longer!