Membership Committee

Chairman: Terry Richmond

Last updated 6/12/10

* Each scout unit is responsible for having a Membership Coordinator

The District Membership Committee provides an annual Membership
Program designed to recruit and retain eligible youth and adult members.
The Membership Program activities include School Night Roundup, Webelos
to Scout Transition and Unit Rechartering. The Committee requires a representative
from each scout unit in order to communicate and coordinate the annual
Membership Program. The committee works very closely with the Training
Committee and particularly the Commissioners staff, in order to coordinate
recruitment and retention activities. The Committee works to ensure balanced
youth and adults membership growth in the Onondaga District

Policies and Procedures of the Membership Committee are issued
by the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America and can be obtained
at the Scout Office by requesting Guidebook #33080D “Membership
Committee Guide”.  Additional Unit
specific program resources are available and references below.

Recruitment and Retention Activities:

We would like to solicit media coverage for any event that you hold
which raises the awareness of Scouting to promote recruitment and retention.
We would appreciate it if you would use the “Media Worthy Event”
form and forward it to the Membership Chairman. For the “Media Worthy
Event” form and details please
click here.

At this link, 2010
Longhouse Council Membership Worksheet
, you will find the District
Membership Drive Planning Form. This form will help you plan your school
and community membership drive. Begin filling it out today and BE
for your fall membership drive. Any questions
please contact me at

For a data base of Onondaga County Schools, addresses and other info
click here

“Invite a friend to scouting”. Every day is the ideal scout recruiting
day. Special recognition is given to scouts that invite and have a friend
join scouting.

“Cub Scout Roundup”. Also known as the Cub Scout School
Night. Each September prospective Tiger Cub, Cub Scout and Webelos Scout
boys are invited to join scouting through this district program coordinated
with each Cub Scout Pack unit. Refer to BSA National fact sheet – <span
href=””>What is Cub Scouting?

“Webelos to Scout Transition”. Starting in February of each year,
second year Webelos (boys attending their 5th grade of school)
are encouraged to join a Boy Scout Troop of their choosing through this
program coordinated between Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops. Refer
to BSA National information – <a
href=””>Webelos Transition:
The Boy Scout Troop

“Boy Scout Recruitment”. Each year Boy Scout Troops are
encouraged to recruit new boys beginning with fifth to sixth grades. Refer
to BSA National fact sheet – <a
href=””>What is Boy Scouting?
And A Year-Round <a
href=””> Guide
to Boy Scout Recruiting.

Venturing Crew Recruitment”. Each year Venturing Scout Units
are encouraged to recruit new boys age fourteen to twenty years of age.
Refer to BSA National fact sheet – <a
href=””>What Is Venturing?

“Varsity Scout Recruitment”. Each year Varsity Scout Units
are encouraged to recruit new boys age fourteen to twenty years of age.
Refer to BSA National fact sheet – <a
href=””>Varsity Scouting

“Adult Leader Registration”. Each year an increasing number
of adult leaders are needed to serve a growing number of scouts and provide
a quality program to our youth. These activities are coordinated with
the District Training Team to ensure registered adults are adequately

“Existing Unit Reorganization”. Every volunteer based organization
needs help at some time to maintain a quality program for our youth. These
activities are coordinated with the District Commissioners Staff to ensure
unit health. 

“New unit Organization”. When demographics and other factors
warrant it, new scout units are formed within the geographic area we serve.
These activities are coordinated with the District Commissioners Staff
to ensure unit development.

Other Committee Activities

“Unit Leader Roster” A roster of Unit Leaders is maintained to
help provide interaction and communication between all units. The roster
is used to communicate and coordinate Membership Program activities with
each scout unit. The roster should be used by scout units for the Webelos
to Scout Transition plans and for coordinating other communications between

Other Resources and Links:

Building Blocks of Scouting: Membership