Finance Committee

Chairman: Milt Hill

Last updated 2/7/2011

The Onondaga District Finance Committee works on a number of fundraising
projects. These include Friends of Scouting (FOS), Popcorn Sales, Boypower
Dinner, and Inkind gifts. From time to time, we may undertake other projects
as needed. Each District has similar projects with goals assigned based
on District size and history.


FOS is divided into 2 key parts. The Family campaign is
the Pack/Troop level fundraiser through which we solicit our unit families.
We do unit presentations along with follow up phoning to cover families
that we miss at the presentations. Please get your unit presentation scheduled
if you have not done so. You can contact Mike Kane, Nathan Boguhn, or
me to schedule your unit presentation. Our goal is to raise $25,500 from
the family portion and $8,500 from the Community part of FOS. We are always
looking for people who can write a few letters to people they know who
have the potential of donating to Scouting.


This year, on May 4th, we will host this great dinner. We
will have retired 4 star general Barry McCaffrey as our featured speaker
at the Onondaga War Memorial .and we will be honoring our men and women
in the U.S. Military. Reserve your tickets now and help us to reach our
District goal of $26,000. We hit our goal last year, and I know that together,
we can do it again.


Through popcorn sales, we not only raise money for Council,
but also, the units profit as well. Our goal is to raise $150,000 from
this campaign. Don’t miss the opportunity to make some money for your


A gift in kind is an item that is listed on the Council
budget that a person or business donates. A project sale is a Council
budget item that a person or business funds with cash towards the purchase.
For example, if there is a need for copy paper on the budget and someone
donates 5 cases of paper, that would be an in kind gift. If someone donates
$100.00 earmarked for the purchase of the paper, the would be a project
sale. We always have a long list of items that are needed an frequently,
people like to give a specific item or item that Council can use.

We will be doing a brief infomercial at our District Roundtable
meetings to educate you on our fundraising opportunities. As usual, we
appreciate all of the help that you give to Scouting via your support.
We cannot do it without you.