Commissioner Staff

District Commissioner: David Whyte

Updated: 10-4-11

Service to Scouting units is the hallmark of the Commissioner staff. Commissioners
assist in assuring the health of units by being advocates of unit needs,
and helping unit leaders solve problems as they arise. Commissioners encourage
each unit to maintain an effective committee, and should establish regular
contacts with the leaders of their assigned units. The Commissioner service
plan includes assisting with the charter renewal process with the goal
of each unit re-registering on time with an optimum number of youth and
adult members. Commissioners also conduct membership and leadership inventories
with their assigned units, and help to coordinate a meaningful charter
presentation ceremony with the chartering organization.

Commissioners should represent and promote the ideals, principles and
policies of the Scouting movement. They should stay up to date on new
developments within Scouting, as well as literature that is available
to support the program, and should keep their assigned units informed
of resources available in the community, District and Council. Commissioners
should promote strong unit programming, and the achievement of the Centennial
Quality Unit Award, as well as other program benchmarks (such as National
Summertime Pack Award, National Camping Award, subscriptions to Boy’s
Life magazine, etc.)

Planning and coordinating Roundtables is also a function of the Commissioner
staff. These monthly meetings provide unit leaders with information, resources
and training opportunities. Commissioners should promote regular attendance
at Roundtables among the leaders of their assigned units. They should
also provide a link between the various committees of the District and
Council and their assigned units. Examples of this are by promoting an
active camping program, encouraging youth and adult leader training and
recognition, and promoting service projects.