Camping Committee


Updated 10-4-11

The outdoor program is one of the primary methods by which the
Boy Scouts of America seeks to achieve its aims. It is in the outdoors
that skills and activities practiced at unit meetings come alive with
purpose. In the outdoor setting, Scouts build self-confidence while also
learning to work as a team and share responsibilities; where youth develop
their independence while learning the value of interdependence.

The mission of the District Camping Committee is to implement
the Longhouse Council’s outdoor program at the District level by assisting
in the development and promotion of innovative and diverse outdoor program
opportunities. They assist unit committees in understanding and implementing
a well rounded outdoor program through personal contacts and Roundtables.
They promote youth participation in camping and outdoor programs including:

  • Cub Scout Day Camp
  • Boy Scout long-term resident camp
  • Order of the Arrow
  • High Adventure programs
  • Camp Staff opportunities
  • Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing year-round outdoor programs

The District Camping Committee assists the Council Camping Committee
by staying up-to-date on Council and National Camping Standards, and
on facilities that are available for camping trips, day hikes, picnics,
etc. They also provide guidance on health and safety issues, proper equipment
and preparation, and training for leaders. In addition they monitor
the use of out-of-council facilities. The Tour Permit process is one of
the means by which this committee oversees these standards.

The Camping Committee encourages the inclusion of fundamental
program elements in outdoor activities through adherence to the Outdoor
Code and Leave-No-Trace principles. They promote the attainment of the
National Camping Award, National Summertime Pack Award and National Den

With the premise that every Scout is entitled to a long-term summer
camping experience each year, this committee encourages effective unit
planning and fundraising to insure that camping opportunities are within
the reach of every Scout. They also promote and coordinate the use of
camperships and workerships where there is such a need. The Camping Committee
works with other committees of the District and Council by assisting in
the coordination and promotion of Camporees, Jamborees, and Klondike Derbies;
promoting proper training; and working with Commissioners to help units
plan a diverse year-round schedule of camping and outdoor program events.