Activities Committee

Activities Chairs: Ed White
and Christine Olivadoti

Committee meets the last Wednesday of the Month at the Eastwood
Baptist Church at 6:30 pm

Last updated 8/15/12

The primary job of the District Activities Committee is the
planning and coordination of district events including participation in
council activities. This includes the district Klondike Derby, Spring
and Fall Camporees, annual District Awards and Recognition Dinner, and
the Cub-A-Ree.The committee also is involved in the tri-annual Council
Camporee andto a lesser extent the International Brotherhood Camporee
when it’s on the American side.

To accomplish this goal the committee is involved in all aspects
of planning for an activity starting with recruiting. The staff needed
to put on an activity includes, but is not limited to, Activity Chief,
Program, Physical Arrangements, First Aid, Publicity, Participation, Awards
and Judging, Health and Safety, and Staff Feeding. Each of these positions
has their own specific responsibilities and may have their own sub-staff
to handle the details of that job. In the past we have primarily used
three different types of staffing for activities.

1. The first type of staffing is the traditional method where
an activity chief is recruited and he or she builds a staff for the event.The
staff members recruited to fill the various positions often include members
of the activities committee but may include other scout leaders or outsiders
with expertise in a specific area.

2. The second type is a unit sponsored activity.In this case the
troop provides all of the staff positions using their available youth
and adult manpower.The unit may have to recruit outside it’s own organization
to fill the staff.

3. The third type is a youth run activity.To do this the
activities committee recruits youth members from different troops to provide
the primary staff. A member of the activities committee acts as an advisor
to the youth camporee staff to guide them.