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If you find any omissions in these tables, and they are there, please send an E-mail message to Stu Collier with the information.

After the annual district dinner we usually hear questions like “Why didn’t so and so get an award?” In a lot of cases it’s because that person was never submitted. The committees that make the decision can only work with the nominations they receive. So, it’s up to you to take the first step – nominate the person!

The steps to nominate someone for an award are:

1. Choose the award you want to nominate a person for. Make sure you do
your research so that you are providing all the information called for
on the award form.

2. Find out if they may have already received the award. You can do this by selecting one of the alphabetical ranges to the left to look the persons name up.

3. Print out the form (PDF format) from the selections below by clicking on the image.

4. Fill out the form completely and follow the directions for turning
it in.

William Hillcourt Exceptional Scouter Award is an award , exclusive
to Onondaga District, started in 1998 and presented annually to a Scouter
that has demonstrated the Scout Law in their daily lives. The primary
factor in selecting recipients is their involvement in and commitment
to the Boy Scouts of America. For guidelines and form please click here.

Silver Beaver is a national award that is presented by the local
council. A council may award up to 1 Silver Beaver award for each 60 units  or fraction thereof registered in the council. For nomination form and guidelines  please click here 

Award of Merit is a council award that is presented by the district.
The number of awards that a district may make is calculated at one award
for each 25 units or fraction thereof registered in the district. For
guidelines and form please click here.

Sparkplug award is an Onondaga District award given annually to
those Scouters that make a unit hum. You know who they are – they make
you laugh, they make work fun, and always have a smile on their face and
a kind word on their tongue. For guidelines and form please click here.


The Lamplighter award, another Onondaga District award,
is given in recognition to those Scouters that have been instrumental
in revitalizing a dying unit or starting a new one. This award is not
meant for Commissioners but one that does exceptional work may qualify.
For guidelines and form please click here.