Privacy Policy

This website is maintained solely for the benefit of the Members of Order of the Arrow, Lowanne Nimat Lodge.

Data Collection
No information is collected from any visitor to this site by The Lodge in any
way. Visitors should be aware that the site is hosted on the Longhouse Boy Scout Council servers and reference should be made to their privacy policy that affects access to this site.

Personal Data
To ensure compliance with the Child Safety act, the following is the policy of The Lodge. This policy uses the principle of ‘OPT-IN’ to provide authorization to use personal data where it is permissible under the law.

Lodge Officers Under 18
Can be identified only by first name and last initial, to meet the requirements of the Child Safety Act. Any material being posted to the website will be edited to ensure that this is met in all attachments and other material.

Lodge Officers Over 18
Will be treated as under 18 until the Web adviser receives an Email stating they are over 18 and giving permission for their full name and email address to be used.

Lodge Advisers
Lodge advisers will be identified by first initial and last name only, to protect the privacy of all members of The Lodge. Links for adviser email addresses will be provided once an authorization email has been received by the Web adviser from the adviser, sent from the email address to be linked to.

Personal Data Authorization or Removal
To provide OPT-IN authorization or conversely to have your name removed from this website for any reason please email

All pictures, graphics or logos used on this website are used with the permission of the copyright holders and where the copyright holder is not The Lodge, the copyright owner is shown with the picture, graphic or logo. If any picture, graphic or logo is used and the copyright holder is not marked or is shown incorrectly please contact The Lodge Web adviser as shown above advising of the infringement or correction.