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Annual Unit Rechartering

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The BSA issues charters to community organizations, to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Re-chartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. Every unit must recharter annually.

Rechartering on time is critical. Rechartering on time is required for units in order to qualify for the Journey to Excellence Award. It is mandatory for units to continue registration without interruption to ensure Scouts are registered and to allow for them to receive rank advancement as well as other awards, as well as for insurance coverage.

How to use Internet Rechartering

We have assembled a one-page guide for your assistance in completing this process. For additional assistance, please view this tutorial on  Internet Rechartering. Contact the council office or your district staff for help using these!

Please Remit Balance Sheet!

Please be reminded that your charter renewal is not completed without filling out and submitting the Charter Renewal Balance Sheet with your renewal.

Internet recharter nowtutorial

Information for units with February expirations
Information for units with March expirations