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Family Scouting Early Adopter Program Announced for January 15, 2018 Soft Launch in Cub Scouting:

December 14, 2017

There will be an opportunity for Councils and Cub Scout Packs that are prepared to "soft launch" the new Family Scouting model of Cub Scouting.

Six requirements will need to be met for early adopter Councils/Units: 

1) Council must opt-in for participation first;
2) Council must approve Packs in good standing and having sufficient capacity;
3) Pack Committee and Charter Partner assume Family Scouting organizational model. Registration must be online at for all Cub Scouts and follow proper online enrollment procedures;
4) All early adopter unit leaders must be 100% position trained; Updated YPT guidelines during camping and events must be followed;
5) Must have a plan to meet a compressed program and advancement calendar so that every 2018 Cub Scout can make rank;
6) Must meet minimum enrollment requirements, follow official BSA program and resources and be willing to provide data and statistics to the BSA to improve formal rollout on September 1.

Please watch this full video as it contains all of the details: