Order of the Arrow

Timeline for Lowanne Nimat Lodge

  • 1915 – Order of the Arrow Founded Philadelphia Council
  • 1934 – Order of the Arrow official approved as part of BSA
  • 1947 – Lodge 357 – Adirondack First Chartered
  • 1948 – Order of the Arrow became part of the BSA Camping program
  • 1949 – Lodge 410 – Aola First Chartered
  • 1951 – Lodge 461 – Manatoanna First Chartered
  • 1955 – Lodge 516 – Onondaga First Chartered
  • 1968 – Lodge 410 – Nischa Nitis First Chartered Formed from the merger of Aola and Onondaga
  • 1982 – Lodge 120 – Gosh Wha Gono First Chartered Formed from the merger of Adirondack and Manatoanna
  • 1999 – Lodge 219 – Kayanernh Kowa First Chartered Formed from the merger of Nischa Nitis and Gosh Wha Gono
  • 2010 – Lowanne Nimat formed from Kayanernh Kowa and Tahgajute lodges.

To preserve the history of the current and its ancestral lodges anyone having any information about the lodges below should contact the brotherofthenorth@gmail.com

Lodge Name History

  • Lodge 319 – Adirondack From 1947 to 1982
  • Lodge 410 – Aola From 1949 to 1968
  • Lodge 461 – Manatoanna From 1951 to 1982
  • Lodge 516 – Onondaga From 1955 to 1968
  • Lodge 410 – Nischa Nitis From 1968 to 1999
  • Lodge 120 – Gosh Wha Gono From 1982 to 1999
  • Lodge 219 – Kayanernh Kowa From 1999 to 2009

Kayanernh Kowa from 1999 to 2009
– Written by Noel Brown

Founded on June 5th, 1999 Kayanernh-Kowa is the product of the merger of Gosh Wha Gono Lodge 120 and Nischa Nitis Lodge 410. The planning for this merger began in January of 1999 when delegates from both lodges met at Camp Woodland those in attendance were: Cody Dolly, Aaron Percy, Joe Gianfagna, Brandon Devito, Justin Byington, Evan Griffith, Jacob Brown, John Byrne, Jeff Anthony, Eric Hort, Michael Hinman, Luke Bilow, Wayne Farnsworth and Brian Bay. This committee worked together to mold a lodge that would please both parent lodges. The merger weekend was held at Camp Portaferry on June 4th – 6th, 1999. There were over 200 Arrowmen from both lodges where in attendance at this, the first Kayanernh-Kowa event ever. On Saturday Nischa Nitis and Gosh Wha Gono held their final lodge meetings and prepared to officially merge. During the first lodge meeting and hopefully the longest ever at 6 hours the first Kayanernh-Kowa lodge officers were elected the results were as follows: Lodge Chief – Joe Gianfagna, Vice Chief of Activities – Brandon DeVito, Vice Chief of Membership Affairs – Pat Martin, Vice Chief of Service – C.J. Spotswood, Secretary – Andy Gianfagna, Treasurer – Evan Griffith, Historian – John Byrne. The Lodge Adviser would be Wayne Farnsworth. Also, Charter Member flaps were sold to those in attendance at the weekend for $3. All Charter Member flaps were sold at Camp Portaferry that weekend.

In the summer of 1999, Kayanernh-Kowa sent 8 delegates to Fort Collins Colorado to attend the National Leadership Summit. Those delegates were: Pat Martin, John Goloski, Joe Gianfagna, Brandon DeVito, Dan Villa, Wayne Farnsworth, Phil Chatterton and Ed Coe. The Summit was a learning experience that taught the delegates many leadership skills and techniques to use here in New York. Early lodge events of Kayanernh-Kowa were a chance for lodge members to develop brotherhoods and friendships that will last a lifetime. Many members of the newly formed lodge were chosen to serve on the Lodge Executive Committee. In August of 1999, Kayanernh-Kowa sent 48 delegates to the NE-3B Conclave held at Camp Kingsley. Despite 219 only being 3 months old the lodge walked away with Most Outstanding Lodge as well as victories in various competitions. However, on a down note, Joe Gianfagna lost the annual Lodge Chief pie-eating-contest. The 1999 Fall Fellowship at Camp Woodland drew only 65 members. This may seem to be a low attendance but those present had three times as much fun as usual to compensate. A new flap was issued this weekend; it was the first flap bearing the name Kayanernh-Kowa. At a price of $3 per flap, it is referred to as the S-2. Over 200 brothers attended the Fall Ordeal at Camp Portaferry. Kayanernh-Kowa added 89 new Ordeal members into the Order of the Arrow. As the lodges first Ordeal it was a huge success and is encouraging to the future of the lodge.

Joe Gianfagna and Brandon Devito presented training sessions at the council‘s annual Institutes of Scouting training seminar for scoutmasters. The lodge held a Lodge Leadership Development Course at Camp Woodland on November 12th – 14th, 1999. This weekend attracted approximately forty lodge leaders and advisers that partook in training and fellowship. The LEC planned the 2000-2001 calendar and created a budget. The event was enjoyed by all in attendance. On January 22nd, 2000, Kayanernh-Kowa hosted its first Winter Banquet at the North Side Improvement League in Watertown. Ted Swan planned an excellent dinner that drew 230 Arrowmen and guests. The guest speaker, Mike Whiting spoke about his experiences while climbing Mt. Denali. The lodge issued its first backpatch, designed by Ray Gould it is referred to as J-1.

On April 8th, 2000 the lodge held its first Trade-O-Ree at blessed Sacrament Church in Eastwood NY. Attended by traders from across the state it was a success. The lodge’s Spring Fellowship was held at Camp Portaferry on May 5th-7th. This event included athletic competitions, a patch auction, NOAC promotion, fellowship and much merriment. Approximately 165 brothers attended this exciting event. On June 4th-6th, 2000 held its Spring Ordeal at Camp Woodland. Arrowmen at this event par took in games of volleyball, soccer, and OA Jeopardy as well as an ice cream social and patch auction. This event also marked 219‘s 1-year anniversary as a lodge.

On July 26th Kayanernh-Kowa sent a delegation of about 55 members off to the 2000 National Order of the Arrow Conference in Knoxville Tennessee. The excited bunch headed off to Knoxville by way of bus where they started off at a huge Trade-O-Ree were they discovered what REAL trading was like. Some members also took a side trip to Atlanta Georgia to watch a baseball game and tour the city. While at NOAC, Kayanernh-Kowa delegates attended training seminars to learn how to be lodge leaders, as well as other skills. Events such as meet the man, patch trading, shows, and other activities made NOAC 2000 an event to remember. The 2000 NE-3B Conclave was held at camp Barton. Kayanernh-Kowa sent 48 delegates. Special guests for the weekend included 2000 National Chief, Carey Mignerey, 2000 National Vice-Chief, Jordan Hitchens, and 2000 Northeast Region Chief, Scott Schmidt. The Hawaiian theme and events like sports competitions and training sessions made for a festive weekend of inter-lodge fellowship. The Fall Ordeal at Camp Portaferry was the best Ordeal yet. Drawing more than 200 members and adding over 100 members to the Order it was a huge success. Many members crossed over to Brotherhood.