Council CSP
recognizing ten years for the Interlake’s District Onagers.


You are entering Onager Country

It is rumored that the concept of District mascot started at the Brotherhood Camp-O-Ree between Interlakes District and Cayuga County Council at Highland Forest in the Fall of 1996. Although we can’t confirm it, the rumor is that this is the brain child of Mr. Grim. The choice of the Onager as a mascot is another issue. The thought process behind this is lost in antiquity. The individuals involved remain unknown. What is clear is that their idea grew rapidly. As a side note, the above camp-o-ree started a fun rumor that Interlakes District was forming it’s own Council. We know this rumor is nonsense, but we’re getting a lot of mileage and good fun out of it. However, Onagers know when to get in line, and they know Longhouse Council is all right.

The symbol for the Onager came from Mr. Howell’s computer in the Microsoft clipart. It was discovered by his son and processed for District use. Mr. Sterner is credited with making the Onager patch that is occasionally seen on a uniform. The Onager image was also incorporated into the then newly emerging Interlakes District web site by Mr. Ropchak. Mr. Binkowski gets credit for the 2-3 foot wooden Onager proudly displayed at roundtable. Following the merger between Hiawatha and Seaway Valley Councils, a new District sign was needed. We give Mr. Binkowski credit for creating the 2-3 foot wooden image of the District patch, and yes, it has an Onager. The District has sponsored multiple events since the inception of the Onager.

That brings us up to now (November 2008). Our motto is “We get it done”. The men and women of Interlakes District are hard working, generous with their time and energy, and dedicated with a firm committment to the standards of excellence. If you can’t do it — call us — “We get it done”. In light of what has already happened, this creature may be popping up when you least expect him. What is sure is that when you do see an Onager, you know Interlakes District is part of that event, and glad to be there.