Ontario District


This website is intended to provide an informational service to the Scouting families, Scouters, and friends of Scouting in Ontario District.

Ontario District serves the BSA Scouting youth of Oswego County and Brewerton, New York.

What’s New?

Fall Camporee

Save the date – October 19-21, 2012 at Great Bear Park in Fulton

Klondike Derby 

Save the date – January 25-27, 2012 at Camp Woodland

Grey Bears – show your ursine pride by adding an official Grey Bear golf shirt or fleece jacket to your Scouting wardrobe!  Cookie Lehman is offering these articles for your purchase.  Each item will bear an embroidered Grey Bear logo.  Prices are a reasonable $18 for the shirt up to size XL.  Add $2 for sizes 2XL to 4XL. The full zip grey fleece jacket is $25 up to size XL and $28 for sizes up to 4XL.  Cookie requests that you prepay when you place your order. Contact her for additional information.

Google Your Unit

A great new tool has been added to the website that should help prospective Scouts find our Ontario District units – Google Maps.  The map of Ontario District has markers locating each Scouting unit.  Clicking on the marker will identify the unit and give the user information about that unit – meeting time and place as well as contact information.  Because this is a work in process, each unit leader needs to check out their unit marker and update the meeting information or optional contact information (name, phone number or email address), by sending it to the webmaster. The map is located on the Join Scouting page. Also remember that if your unit has a website, forward the URL to the webmaster so it may be linked to this site.

Help Wanted / Opportunities for You

Many Opportunities exist for you if you would like to get more involved in the workings of the district.  Specifically positions are open for:

  • District Committee-positions are open if you would like to be involved in chairing or assisting with jobs that keep our district running like the well-oiled machine that it is! 
  • District training team members – get involved training your fellow Scouters on a variety of subjects
  • District Commissioners – help unit leaders provide a quality program to community youth.  Contact Ray Morrison if you are interested.
  • Volunteers are needed to help run Cub Day Camp (Firefly format).  Dates will be announced soon.

Council E-mail List

A feature available to web-active Scouters is the Council Mailing List. Get updates on council and district events, post questions, and get answers, all delivered to your mailbox. Also, you’ll get an email every time your favorite district website is updated! The service is free, so sign up today.


Is your Pack or Troop sending a leader (or more) to the district Roundtables? Roundtables are a great place to get together with other adult unit leaders in the district, share ideas, socialize, receive training and information, voice opinions, and get program ideas. They help you offer your unit a better program, and they occur on the second Thursday of each month at the Mexico Middle School at 7:00 PM. Be sure your unit is represented!