Onondaga District Staff

Onondaga District Advancement:

Dewitt Community Church, 3600 Erie Blvd E., DeWitt NY, 13214

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Onondaga District Leadership






District Executive (DE)

Al Dominy

District Training Chair


David Whyte

District Commissioner



Frank Johnson

Asst Commissioner



Kathy Kaffenberger

District Chair



Lyle Halbert

Round Table Chair



Terri Richmond

District Membership Chair



Mike Kane

District Finance Chair



Bill Thieke

District Program Chair



Steve Fisher

District Advancement & Recognition Chair



George Urist

District FOS Chair



Walt Shepard

District Nominating Chair



Onondaga District Roles that need to be filled:

  • District Activities and Civic Service Chair
  • District Camp promotion & Outdoor Chair
  • District Popcorn Kernel

Please contact Walt Shepard or Kathy Kaffenberger if interested in learning more!

  • Onondaga District Chair

    Kathy Kaffenberger



    LONGHOUSE COUNCIL DISTRICT FOR THE POSITION OF: District chair KEY MEETING DATES: Executive board meetings District committee meetings District Key 3 meetings POSITION CONCEPT: Responsible to the council president or the vice president of district operations to run the program of Scouting in their district as directed by the executive board of the council. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. As a member of the Key 3, coordinate the work of the district to ensure the success of the units in the district. 2. Identify and recruit enough of the right people as operating committee chairs. 3. Plan and preside at district committee meetings. 4. Represent the district on the executive board. 5. Responsible for all communication between the council and the district. 6. Help to secure support for Scouting from top community leaders. 7. Annually, appoint a district Nominating committee to select nominees for district officers and members at large. 8. As a member of the Key 3, ensure that the district shows improvement in Journey to Excellence

  • Vacant

    Position Description (Leadership Team) District Vice Chair Responsible To: DISTRICT CHAIR Responsibilities: • Serve as an ambassador of the District. • Help support all District activities. • Give leadership to Public Relations Chair. • Serve as an ad hoc member of committees as needed. • Serve in the absence of the District Chair. • Support Council and National policies. • Be a sounding board for the District Chair • Assist in helping the District achieve Quality District status. • Support the entire District in all aspects of it’s operation. Meetings: • District Leadership Team Orientation (annually) • Coordinated District Committee Meetings (monthly) • Council Board Meetings (when asked by District Chair)

  • Brian Ahsmann



  • David Whyte



    Position Description (Leadership Team) District Commissioner Responsible To: COUNCIL COMMISSIONER Responsibilities: A district commissioner leads the commissioner staff and does the following: Identify and recruit enough of the right people as commissioners so that all Scouting units in the district receive regular, helpful service.  Assistant district commissioners  Cub Scout roundtable commissioner  Boy Scout roundtable commissioner  Venturing roundtable commissioner  Enough unit commissioners for each to serve only three units Assure training happens for the members of the commissioner staff.  Conduct orientation/personal coaching.  Guide commissioners toward Arrowhead Honor and Scouter’s Key. Supervise and motivate unit commissioners to visit each unit regularly, identify unit needs, and implement plans to help units succeed. • Administer the annual commissioner service plan, which gives specific purposes for commissioner contact with units at designated times of the year. • Oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit re-registers on time and with optimum membership. • Guide roundtable commissioners to ensure that monthly roundtables are well-attended, and provide practical and exciting unit program ideas. • Plan and preside at monthly meetings of the district commissioner staff • Work with the district chairman and district executive to stimulate and coordinate the work of the district. • Help meet district goals • Represent the district as a member of the council commissioner cabinet. • Support local and national Scouting policy, procedures, and practices. • Attend district committee meetings to report on conditions of units and to secure specialized help for them. Meetings: District Key 3 (twice a month) Council Coordinated Meetings (quarterly) District Roundtables (as needed) District Leadership Team Orientation (annually) District Commissioner Staff Meetings (monthly) Council Commissioner Meetings (6 times per year) Coordinated District Committee Meetings (monthly)

  • Frank Johnson



    Assistant District Commissioner Responsible To: DISTRICT COMMISSIONER Responsibilities: • Recruit a full staff of unit commissioners to serve their assigned units and area. • Help the district commissioner train unit commissioners and roundtable commissioners: --- Conduct personal coaching/orientation sessions. --- Participate in the formal basic training courses. --- Help unit commissioners attain the Arrowhead Honor, Commissioner’s Key, and Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. • Attend monthly district commissioner staff meetings. • Serve units with no assigned unit commissioner. • Maintain regular contact with unit commissioners under your supervision: --- To assess units’ strengths and weaknesses --- To help find solutions to units’ problem --- To provide information, informal training, program ideas, and recognition --- To help unit commissioners work successfully with unit committees, chartered organization representatives, and chartered organizations. • Involve unit adults in training and roundtables. • Evaluate, at least quarterly, the performance of unit commissioners and provide the help necessary to give the unit commissioner the confidence and expertise to serve assigned units effectively. • Support the district’s and council’s program emphases. • Become familiar with the program themes offered by the BSA for Cub Scout packs, Boys Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews. • Supervise the operation of the annual service plan for assigned units. • Keep track of recharter status and progress of all units. • Promote uniform-wearing and BSA standards. Meetings: • Commissioner Staff Meetings (monthly) • District Roundtables (as needed) • ADC Meetings (as needed) • Unit Visits (as needed) • University of Scouting Commissioner Service College (annually)

  • Vacant

    Assistant District Commissioner Responsibilities: DISTRICT COMMISSIONER • Recruit a full staff of unit commissioners to serve their assigned units and area. • Help the district commissioner train unit commissioners and roundtable commissioners: --- Conduct personal coaching/orientation sessions. --- Participate in the formal basic training courses. --- Help unit commissioners attain the Arrowhead Honor, Commissioner’s Key, and Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. • Attend monthly district commissioner staff meetings.

  • Jim Nelson


    Position Description (Commissioner Team) Roundtable Commissioner Responsible To: DISTRICT COMMISSIONER Responsibilities: Conduct monthly roundtable meetings: --- Develop monthly roundtable plans. --- Participate in the annual council roundtable planning conference. --- Lead a monthly roundtable planning session.. --- Determine what contributions can be made by resource people, and arrange for their participation. • Recruit roundtable staff, as needed, to handle program elements, projects, physical arrangements, hosting, and participation. • Involve unit adults in roundtables. Train roundtable staff: --- Use the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, & Venturing Roundtable Planning Guides. --- Working well in advance, assign specific roundtable program projects. --- Follow through with those who have accepted assignments. Secure help from commissioner staff: --- Report on roundtable plans regularly at each district commissioner staff meeting. --- Enlist the district commissioner’s cooperation in getting unit commissioners to attend roundtables. Promote roundtable attendance: --- Obtain the unit commissioner’s help in bringing new leaders to roundtables. --- Follow up on units on participating. Evaluate roundtables: --- Appraise the effectiveness of roundtables. --- Seek suggestions from unit leaders. Meetings: • Roundtable (monthly) • Commissioner Staff Meetings (monthly) • Roundtable Planning Session (monthly) • University of Scouting Commissioner Service College (annually)

  • Steve Heller



    FOR THE POSITION OF: District training chair KEY MEETING DATES: Council coordinated meetings District committee meetings Training courses (as needed) POSITION CONCEPT: Responsible to the program chair for the training of district volunteers at all levels (unit, district) by coordinating the efforts of the district training committee and maintaining the high standards for all training courses offered. Training is one of the critical issues to developing and conducting quality programs at all levels. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Encourage and assist in planning and implementing a total leadership growth and development plan for all leaders, regardless of position. 2. Select, recruit, and train trainers for district training events. 3. Plan, coordinate, and schedule effective, year-round leadership training programs using the most current training materials of the Boy Scouts of America. 4. Help conduct or coordinate council training events, which might include Wood Badge, Boy Scout Leader Outdoor session, Webelos Leader Outdoor Training, National Youth Leader Training, and Chartered Organization Representative Training. 6. Approve applications for training recognition and service awards. 7. Develop procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of the district’s leadership training program. 8. Promote and support out-of-council training events, such as Philmont, area, and regional conferences. 9. Ensure that backup training records are maintained in the local council service center. 10. Coordinate the completion of unit training inventories. 11. Complete and maintain an inventory of training supplies and materials. 12. Meet (as needed) with the council training chair at the council’s coordinated meetings to plan and coordinate training courses and monitor achievement of council and district goals. 13. Promote all on-line training through the Online Learning Center. 14. Give special assistance in the training of new unit leaders. 15. Work to ensure improvement in the Journey to Excellence training criterion

  • Steve Fisher



    FOR THE POSITION OF: Advancement and recognition chair KEY MEETING DATES: District Committee meetings POSITION CONCEPT: Responsible to the program chair for promoting the advancement plan to units, providing training in the advancement plan to district personnel, and providing meaningful reports on advancement. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Maintain advancement standards and records and set meaningful goals. 2. Present lifesaving awards, special district awards, and other recognitions. 3. Develop lists of Eagle Scout service projects. 4. Produce a merit badge counselor list. 5. Find, register, and train merit badge counselors. 6. Work toward improving the number of youth members who advance annually as stated in the Journey to Excellence program. 7. Assist conducting Eagle Scout boards of review. 8. Maintain meaningful advancement reports. 9. Conduct an Eagle Scout recognition program annually. 10. Review and approve Eagle Scout service project plans. 11. Participate in or conduct Eagle Scout boards of review.