Onondaga District


Onondaga District is the most populated district in the Longhouse Council. The district serves youth in the city of Syracuse, the eastern suburbs, and Onondaga County south to the county line.

Because the district has so many members it is often said that “As Onondaga District goes, so goes the council” The district has a dedicated core of volunteers that maintain continuity in the program of the Boy Scouts of America in the district.

District Volunteers are the liaison between the Units and the Council office. Reach out to us for help with Training, Advancement, Camping, and so on....

We are always on the look out for District Volunteers! Just because your son or daughter has aged out of the program, or is no longer active. If you caught the Scouting Bug, we'd like to hear from you. We still have a short list of key volunteer positions to fill, however committee members are always welcome as well!

We hope to hear from you!