History of the Interlakes District

Dave BosheaInterlakes District was born in Decmber 1946. The council had changed its district configuration and Interlakes District was born as the Geddes/Western District, but by January 1947 the name became Interlakes District. It is the oldest District in the Hiawatha Seaway Council.

The original communities in the district were: Solvay, Camillus, Fairmount, Westvale, Marcellus, Split Rock, Warners, Amber, Jordan, Lakeland, Amboy, South Onondaga and Memphis. In 1964 Solvay and Lakeland were removed from Interlakes and joined with Baldwinsville to form the Seneca District. These Three communities remained in the Seneca District until 1972 when Solvay and Lakeland returned to Interlakes, and for the first time Bladwinsville became a member of Interlakes.

At this time each district was overseen by a Field Executive. The first Field Executive responsible for Interlakes was W. H. Wadsworth who had the job until October 1947. Following him was W. S. Fisher who remained until December 1949 when he was replaced by P. D. Lascell who remained until Sept 1951. In November 1951, the Field Executives were renamed District Executives. The first District Executive for Interlakes District was Dave Boshea.

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