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Has your unit signed up for Sabattis yet? Do not miss out on the early bird specials!! IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH!!!!

Starting February 1st girls, or young ladies will be invited to join the Scouts BSA program.

There is a lot of info out there about this. Some good, some completely wrong. The Council Volunteer and Professional staff would like to make sure everyone has the right information. We are asking anyone that is interested in starting a Scouts BSA Girl Troop or just wants to be sure they have the correct info to please let us know by January 15th. We will then set up a few information nights over the next few weeks after that.

We will be implementing an early adopter program for anyone interested in starting a Scouts BSA Girl linked Troop. This means everyone that is interested will need to be approved by the Council service center before they can start recruiting.

It is also important to understand that all recruitment and promotion material must be approved by the Council service center before units can use it.

The current timeline we are planning on for implementation of Scouts BSA Girl Troops is as follows.

·     Today-1/15/2019; Units let the Council Service Center know their interest in starting a Scouts BSA Girl Troop. (Any unit not informing the Council Service Center of their interest by 1/15/19 will be reviewed and may be asked to wait till June 2019 before they can start recruiting.)

·     1/17/2019-2/1/2019; Informational meetings and approval to start Scouts BSA Girl Troops.

·     2/2/2019-4/30/2019; Set up units and recruit girls into the program.

·     Late-May TBD; Camping event just for Scouts BSA Girl Troops

·     Early-June TBD; information meeting for Scouts BSA Girl Troops interested in going to Sabattis Scout Reservation.

It is important that we get this right for the young ladies that will be joining our Scouting program. So, please work closely with your District leadership and follow the guidelines set by the National office. If we all do this correctly and with the idea of giving these girls, the best possible program we can truly be proud of accomplishments. 

Email your District Leadership today(, or call the Council Service Center @ 315-463-0201


Onondaga-InterLakes-Oneida 2019 First Aid Rally

Event open to all Cub, Scout, & Venture UnitsThursday, March 7th, 2019
Registration 6:30 PM
American Medical Response
101 Richmond Ave., Syracuse, NY
Parking enter from Van Rensselaer
$5.00 Registration
Register by 1/14/19

This is a Patrol event, Patrols need to bring their own supplies to
provided First aid for victims injured in three scenarios.
Understanding the requirements for the First Aid merit badge and/or the First Class advancement is all you need to Be Prepared for this event.

Ground Hog Cook-Off & Klondike Derby

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019Registration; 7:30 AM—8:30 AMCamp Woodland, 491 Kibbe Lake Rd., Constantia, NY$12.00 Admission Feehttps://longhouse.tentaroo.comRegister by 1/31/2019Camping is available, check availability with Council website
Opening; 8:30 AMLunch; Noon - 1:00 PMAfternoon Events; 1:00 PM – 3:00 PMSled Race; 3:15 PMClosing; 4:30 PM
Event Descriptions:

1. Chili Cook-off, with Corn BreadThis is a Troop event. The adults will do the cooking and the Scouts will do the judging. Units will set up along the road next to the parade field. Units need to make enough to feed their Troop lunch and for the Judges to sample.

2. Snow Ball Sling Shot & Target Shoot @ BB Gun Range

3. Fire Building/ Water boil in a paper cup

4. Two Man Saw

5. Ground Hog Snow Sculpture & Costume ContestSculpt your best Ground Hog out of snow or Showcase your best Ground Hog Costume.

6. Sled Race; Timed Event with four challenge stations1) Ring Toss,2) Tripod Lash3) Bowline tie4) Everyone ties a Square knot.
Patrols will be judged on Patrol Spirt including Patrol Flag, Patrol Yell, & Patrol Ground Hog.