Crossroads District

The Crossroads District, covering eastern Onondaga County and southeastern Oswego County, serves over 700 youth in 43 units. Click here for a list of all units in the district.

The administrative functions of the district and its committees are overseen by the volunteer District Chairman, and the unit-service aspects of district operations are managed by the volunteer District Commissioner. The paid professional (District Executive) advises the district's top leadership and serves as a sounding board for concerns. Together, these individuals make up the District Key-3.

District Leadership (Key-3)

Vern Robinson, District Chairman

Pat Ward, District Round Table Commissioner

Bob Schad, District Commissioner

Ed Theetge, 607-227-7731- Assistant Scout Executive

2023 Crossroads Annual Recharter and Registration Fees.

The recharter of each Council's Districts is upon us, we will be securing and registering persons in their district roles by the end of this month. If you role in district is not changing and you are not primarily registered with the district, then please just confirm via email that you would like to stay in your role. If you are changing roles, please fill out an new adult application to reflect this change. If you are registered primarily with the District, please pay your registration fee in person, via check, or via the tentaroo forms

Meetings are moving to in-person, with a hybrid option, please contact the key 3 for more information!

District Committee Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

District Roundtables take place on the last Thursday of the month at 7:15pm at the VFW on Maxwell Avenue.

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