James “Marmaduke” Seton High Adventure Trek Center

Welcome, Trekkers!

On behalf of the Longhouse Council I would like to welcome you to our Sabattis Scout Camp Trek Program. The adventure and experience that await you will be one that you will never forget. I look forward to putting you in that canoe or on that trail that will take you on this adventure.

Please pay close attention to the rules, regulations, pricing and due dates which are enclosed. With an adventure such as this there is no room for misunderstandings or mistakes. Enclosed also please find a list of approved itineraries for you to choose from, your Pack & Paddle Form, and the parental release form for your youth.

All of our rules and regulations, along with the itineraries are approved by the Boy Scouts of America and the New York Health Department. Each of these agencies issues us a permit to operate a children’s camp. We are inspected on a regular basis and enjoy a great relationship with both these agencies.

Adirondack Guide to Adventure 2016

About the Trek Center

The James “Marmaduke” Seton Trek Center, located at Sabattis, offers true high adventure opportunities. We are ready to fully equip your canoe or backpacking trip with canoes, tents, PFD’s, food, guides, stoves and fuel. If high adventure is calling to your older Scouts, let them answer it at the James “Marmaduke” Seton Trek Center.