Sabattis Programs

See Sabattis Leaders Guide 2017 Section 1 for specific information regarding experience and requirements needed for completion.

Rocker Quest PatchNew for 2017!

Sabattis Rocker Quest

*Camping, *Cooking, *Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Geocaching, Orienteering, Pioneering, and Wilderness Survival.

Basketry, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Textiles, Game Design, and Woodcarving.

**BSA Lifeguard, Canoeing, Instructional Swim, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Mile Swim, Rowing, Snorkeling, and Swimming.

Waterfront Activities

Environmental Science, Fish/Wildlife Management, Fishing, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Astronomy, Plant Science, and Weather.

Shooting Sports
Archery, Rifle Shooting, and Shotgun Shooting.

Additional Offerings
Climbing, Cycling, Sailing, Stand Up Paddle-boarding, and Welding.

Red: there is an additional cost for these merit badges
Blue: these are program offerings, not merit badges
Green: must be First Class
**: this is a certification course: must have CPR certification prior to arrival at camp, and attendance is required all day, every day
*: will not be completed in camp

Other Program Opportunities

At the Sabattis Scout Reservation, we try to accommodate all your needs. If you have a program request that we don’t have listed ask us – we may be able to provide it!!

  • Safe Swim Defense Class
  • Swimming Instruction
  • Kayaking
  • Nature Trail
  • Star Watch
  • Leather Projects
  • Troop Archery Shoot
  • Open Troop Shoots
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking to Graves Mountain
  • Patch Trading
  • First Year Camper Program
  • Camp-wide Games
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  • Sabattis Rocker Quest
  • Mountain Biking
  • Open Boating
  • Polar Bear Swim
  • Mile Swim
  • Camp Conservation Projects
  • Outpost Camping
  • Fishing
  • Leather Tooling & Dyeing
  • Pioneering
  • Dutch Oven Cooking Competition
  • Totin’ Chip
  • Firem’n Chit
  • Hiking to Lookout Point
  • Challenge Valley
  • Campfires
  • Snorkeling

Nature, Handicraft, & Scoutcraft

Sabattis offers a complete line of merit badge instruction in Nature, Handicraft, and Scoutcraft. At Nature, you can learn about Geology, Forestry, Mammals and much more.

Handicrafts gives you the chance to have fun building projects with your hands and earn Merit Badges as well. You may also be able to help work on a camp wood carving project like a totem pole or carve an animal statue.

Our Scoutcraft offerings include Cooking, Pioneering, Orienteering and more. In addition to merit badge work, we also put on many demonstrations during the week of different cooking techniques, pioneering projects.

You can become a more valuable Scout to your unit with the things you can learn from our outstanding staff!

Shooting Sports

At Sabattis Scout Reservation, you can choose Archery, Rifle Shooting, and Shotgun. Archery will let you polish your skills and let you make your own arrow and bowstring to keep. At Rifle Shooting, you’ll learn how to safely clean and shoot firearms. Note: you must be 12 years old to participate in the Rifle Program and 13 for the shotgun. Our instructors are all top notch and fully qualified to help you become the best!

Water Fun

At Sabattis Scout Reservation, you’re sure to have all the water fun you want. A full range of activities is offered. You can learn to swim or work on merit badges like Swimming, Lifesaving, Rowing, Canoeing, or Small Boat Sailing. You can earn your BSA Lifeguard certification, play with Kayaks, Wind Surfers, Paddleboards as well as take other aquatics training. For water activities, there’s no place better to come!

Challenge Valley

There ought to be a law against having this much fun!! Challenge Valley is an obstacle course where the Scouts get a chance to compete against the nine obstacles – not each other. They get to climb walls, swing on ropes, splash through a frog pond, wallow in the mud and much more. At the end of your Troops run, the dirtiest Scout gets a certificate letting the whole world know about it.

Leaders are invited to participate (those that don’t join in the fun have been known to get a group hug from their Scouts)!