How To Sign Up


Below are the steps your unit needs to follow in order to attend Sabattis Scout Reservation Summer Camp or Trek Program.

  1. Units who want to attend Sabattis must complete a 2019 Sabattis Scout Reservation Form. This form will need to be turned into the Council Office with a $150 non-refundable deposit.
  2. By February 15, a tentative Unit Roster (fillable) is required. This form is to be turned in with a $150 per person non-refundable but transferable deposit.
  3. My May 1st, All camping fees are due to the Council Office along with a finalized Unit Roster (fillable). Along with this, the following are required:
    1. For adults, The Adult Registration C-02 and Adult Clearance Form (fillable) Forms are due for every leader attending camp.
    2. For youth, MB Sign Up (fillable) forms are due for every Scout attending.
    3. Any Scouts or Leaders attending who have any special Dietary requirements need to submit the Dietary Request (fillable) form.
    4. The following Medical forms are also required for all participants. 2018 AHMR Longhouse Council Med A B C H1 for Sabattis
  4. Units signed up for Treks will need to complete the Long Term Pack & Paddle T-02 Form.

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