Sabattis Gold Adventure

Are you interested in what the Adirondacks are all about? Are you longing to go back and get away from it all? Whether you’re a new Scout in a Troop or a veteran camper, the Sabattis Gold Adventure has a program for you! This all-inclusive, provisional program allows an individual Scout the opportunity to spend a week at Sabattis Scout Reservation under volunteer leadership from across the council and complete a program in basic Scout skills (with some Adirondack magic for good measure), or experience the backcountry wilderness like never before!

The Program

Sabattis Gold Adventure is designed with two different paths (or "tracks") in mind to accommodate all types of Scout campers. Both programs will be delivered by a group of dedicated adult volunteers supplemented by Sabattis Scout Reservation staff. Participants will camp together in a provisional Troop and need not attend with any others from their Troop to participate!

  • Trailblazers is the Sabattis Scout Reservation first-year camper program. It offers opportunities for Scouts working on rank requirements up through their First Class rank. The program gives Scouts a feel for camp and how it operates and builds in them the enthusiasm to fuel their advancement. While the traditional Trailblazers program often follows a rigid schedule set by the camp staff, the adult leadership of the Troop will have extensive leeway and oversight to cover as much as possible - and to ensure that the Scouts in the "Gold Trailblazer" program see all that camp has to offer, as well as have fun for their week in camp!
  • For older Scouts looking to test their skills, Abenaki’s Edge is back for its second official season! The perfect adventure for any older Scout or crew member (typically 14-17 year-olds) ready to take their merit badge knowledge and experience out into the world of High Adventure. While racking up rocker patch segments and learning important on-the-trail leadership skills, Scouts will get to reach destinations and heights further and higher than they ever could in typical in-camp programs. This program is flexible and can (and will) challenge even the most veteran camper in the back-country camping that is the Adirondack Mountains!

The Details

Since this program is scheduled to run during a regular week of summer camp at Sabattis Scout Reservation, all normal BSA medical, health and wellness checks will still apply. Please ensure the appropriate forms are completed and signed by parents and doctors where appropriate.

Sabattis Gold Adventure will be held in conjunction with SSR Week 3, or July 21-27, 2019.

The Finer Print

However, this week is slightly different than a normal week of summer camp in that the program (and fee) is all-inclusive. Some of the more important items included in the $569 per participant fee are:

  • Round-trip transportation to and from Sabattis Scout Reservation (pick up and drop off points to be determined based on signups)
  • Exclusive hat, t-shirt, and patch in addition to the traditional Sabattis gear!
  • Quality, trained adult leadership for the entire week while in camp and traveling to/from
  • All meals included (from Sunday dinner to Saturday breakfast, with a bag lunch to go on Saturday)
  • Loads of Adirondack adventure!
  • Prime campsite location with ease of access to all Sabattis features during your stay
  • BSA (and NYS Department of Health) Accredited camping facilities and program that follows BSA guidelines for acceptable advancement

Note that any sibling discounts ($35) or discounts for additional weeks of camping ($65) at Sabattis Scout Reservation do qualify either directly to this week, or as a result of attending this week!

The Registration Link

Registration is now open; create an account (or sign in) and look for the Sabattis Gold Adventure Week event page.