Getting Mail at Camp

Our mailbox is located 6 miles from our camp office; because of this mail service can take from 2-5 days depending on availability of personnel to retrieve mail items. You must also ensure that you have sufficient postage on mail as the local post office will not deliver items that do not have sufficient postage. Please plan accordingly.

Please ship items by USPS first class mail only. Do not use shipping companies such as UPS or FedEx, they will not deliver to camp and there will be a good chance your package will not get to its recipient. Do not use any service that requires a signature, this can significantly delay delivery and your package may once again not reach its recipient in time.

To Write a Scout at Camp
Address packages and letters using the following guidelines:

Scout’s Name
Troop #
Sabattis Scout Reservation
HC 01, Box 3
Long Lake, NY 12847

* Please ensure your mail items are clearly and correctly addressed. There are two camps with very similar names on the same road and mail has been known to end up at the wrong camp from time to time.

Reaching Sabattis by Phone

Emergency Phone Number Only: (518) 359-9283