Applications for any of our Cub Camps are now available. Two register your son for a cub scout camp please complete the Cub Camp Registration Form and submit it with a completed medical form and payment to the Longhouse Council Service Center.

Cub Camp Registration Form

The registration form is your ticket to camp! Just fill out your basic contact information, select the camp(s) that you would like to attend, total up the camp fees, including qualifying discounts and mail the form with payment to:

Attn: Cub Camp Registration Longhouse Council 2803 Brewerton Rd. Syracuse, NY 13206

Make sure on your form to select a t-shirt size so that the correct size is reserved for your scout at camp. Once your registration form has been received you will be mailed additional information on your

Resident Camp Pack Registration Form

Cub Scout Packs may attend camp as a unit. If a pack has several scouts attending one resident camp session the may attend as unit as long as the unit completes the form, has 1 leader for every 4 scouts, with at least a minimum of two leaders for the unit, and one leader is a registered adult leader with a current youth protection training certificate. The unit must complete and submit the form to the Longhouse Council Service Center two weeks before the start of their camp session. In addition to the pack completing the Pack Registration Form each scout participant must complete a Cub Camp Registration Form and Health Form.

Annual Health and Medical Record

To ensure that accurate health information is passed between physician, parents, leaders, and boys, the Boy Scouts of America maintains a strict health service policy. Campers and adults must complete parts A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record. These forms are mandatory. An scouts and adults attending the 5 day Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camp MUST complete part C of the health form as well as parts A and B. National Health and Safety Guidelines state that a Scout or den leader who does not have appropriate medical information on their medical form may not attend camp. The form must be complete. Required on the Medical form is the name of each boy’s health and accident insurance carrier and policy number, a parental signature, which includes an authorization for emergency treatment. Double check to see that all the required signatures and information are included. This includes the pack number of each Scout. A trained first aid person is on duty at all times. In the case of serious injury or illness, the camper will be transported to the nearest hospital, where we have a standing agreement for treatment. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible. Annual Health and Medical Record forms are available on the Longhouse Council website and will be mailed to you upon process of your cub camp registration. All participants will need to complete two forms to attend camp. Each will need an annual Health Form and Form H-1 (Medical Permission Form).