Resident Camp Programs

Cub and Webelos Adventure Weekend

Cub Scout and Webelos Adventure Weekend is a three day and two night camp. An introductory camping experience, the Cub Scout and Webelos Scout Adventure Weekend has all the scouting activities and learning opportunities your scout is looking forward too. From shooting sports, to boating and swimming, to a mountain biking adventure on our brand new mountain bikes, this camp has every experience your scout would want.

This year’s theme is superheroes! In addition to all the cub scout activities your scouts are looking forward too, you scouts will be immersed in a world of superheroes and villains. They will be designing their own superhero capes and masks, participating in superhero skits, and shooting Estes style rockets. They will help protect the peace, solve mysteries and help the good guys carry the day!

Cub and Webelos Resident Camp

The camp programs provide opportunities for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts to work on advancement and learn about different subject areas and help them develop new skills in a fun and exciting way. The week long resident camp is a more in-depth experience of our Cub Adventure Weekend that provided your scouts with all the basic scouting skills and
knowledge that they will need to transition to Boy Scouting. Activities will include sessions incorporating various Scout skills, including: shooting sports, scout skills, aquatics, XC mountain biking, STEM activities, campfire program and so much more! The most important aspect of all the events, of course, is for the Scouts to have a memorable experience while learning new skills and developing life long memories.

Like our Cub Adventure Weekend this year’s theme is Superheroes and all programs will incorporate characters and story lines that will immerse your cub scout in a world where they are helping to save the day!

Specialty Camps

Hook Line, and Sinker – Fishing Camp

For the young fisherman, hook line and sinker will have everything they are looking for in a summer camp overnight program. Some sample activities include: Casting instruction, introductions to fly fishing and fly tieing, Pro fishing demonstrations, and a fishing derby!

In addition to all the fishing programs, each scout will still get to experience great campfire program, eat in the dining hall and spend the night in at Camp Woodland, plus many more camping experiences.

Hot Shots – Shooting Sports Camp

If your favorite cub scout activity is shooting a bow or firing a BB gun, then you should come to Hot Shots Cub Scout Resident Camp! At Hot Shots you will be able to shoot bows, fire BB guns, throw javelins, make tie-dyed neckerchiefs, and so much more!

Hot Shots is a single overnight camping experience that not only includes all the shooting events your scout could want, plus campfire and dining hall programs. The single overnight is a great introduction to overnight camping away from home for first time campers.