Certificates of Insurance

To request a proof of insurance certificate for a unit or district activity or event, please send an email to Ellen.Tyler@scouting.org with a courtesy copy to Helen.Forward@scouting.org including the following:

- note COI in the subject line

- provide your unit type and number and chartering organization, your name, and your registered position in the unit

- provide specifics about the activities being conducted at the event and include the date(s) of the event

- provide the location the event will be held (IE the school or park, etc.) and the facilities to be used including what fee, if any, you being charged for use of the facilities

- provide the name and address of the official entity/organization with ownership of the location (IE the school district or municipality, etc.) and their mailing address.

- for unit fundraising activities, a unit money earning application (https://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf) must accompany the request 

Attach a copy of any completed contract, permit, or application from the organization indicating their insurance requirements.

A proof only certificate of insurance verifying $1,000,000 coverage for the unit and registered volunteers will be provided by return email to you, as a registered member of the unit, within approximately two weeks. 

For requests of higher coverage amounts or additionally insured, please contact Ellen at the council office for specific additional information requirements to generate the certificate.