Since brought to these shores by the action of an unknown British Scout, the Boy Scouts of America has developed a rich history which the Hillcourt Museum tries to preserve. Since it’s founding, the best and brightest have gravitated to the BSA. We claim as past, present, and future members presidents, astronauts, generals, sports greats and all other walks of life. A year by year list of actions of the BSA would show it as the most productive of all youth organizations.

Living by the Scout Oath and Law has been good for America.


  • Biography of Baden-Powell
  • Biography of William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt
  • Biography of Dan Beard
  • Biography of Ernest Thompson Seton

Council Owned Camps

What history would be complete without reference to our camps, both past and present, which play so key a role in our outdoor program? These camps have made many happy memories.

  • Camp Loyalty
  • Camp 12 Pines
  • Camp Askenonta
  • Ram’s Gulch Camp
  • Sabattis Scout Reservation (Still in use)
  • Camp Portaferry
  • Camp Woodland (Still in use)
  • Camp Onondaga
  • Camp Lee
  • Indian Village Camp
  • Camp Syracuse
  • Camp Vigor
  • Kamp Kamargo


All seven of our districts have their own distinct histories which give them their own identity today.

  • Cayuga County District (formerly Cayuga County Council – not written yet)
  • Onondaga District
  • Oneida District (Not written yet)
  • Tri-Rivers District (Not written yet)
  • Ontario District (Not written yet)
  • Interlakes District (PDF)
  • Northern Lights District (Not written yet)

Other Resources